Extruded aquatic feed

In comparison with the aquatic feed production with single shaft extruders, the twin screw extruder from Coperion is suitable for the production of a much wider range of formulations, for example, for the extrusion of fish food with an elevated fat content. The floating and sinking behavior of the fish food can be influenced by flexible settings of different parameters of the extrusion lines.

For alternative areas of application, Coperion has already produced numerous large-scale extruders with screw diameters of up to 380 mm and throughput rates of up to 80 t/h. As a consequence, Coperion is perfectly set up to handle the demand for increased throughput rates anticipated in the aquatic feed production which is to be expected in the future.

ZSK MEGAvolume PLUS twin screw extruders
ZSK twin screw extruder from Coperion

Food Test Lab

With our Food Test Lab at the Stuttgart site we offer you a test possibility which we have designed especially for the extrusion of foodstuffs.
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Aquatic feed from Coperion