Extruded cereals and snacks

The ZSK MEGAvolume PLUS continuously produces a uniformly high quality product in the extrusion of the whole raw material range for cereals and snacks from fine flours to whole grains.

High throughput rates can be operated thanks to the good feeding characteristics. The closely intermeshing screws with an extremely tight self-wiping profile eliminate stagnant zones over the whole length of the process section. The effect: Optimal self-cleaning which enables fast product changes and therefore maximum flexibility in the extrusion of cereals and snacks. The pre-treatment of the raw materials such as pre-boiling, moistening etc. can be omitted and replaced by direct steam injection.

We cover the downstream process steps together with our long standing cooperation partners: The directly expanded cereals and snacks can be dried, aromatized, vitaminized, powdered or coated with oil/seasoning or chocolate/sugar in our plants. Cooked, unexpanded “cold formed” pellets are processed into flakes and shreddies by rolling and roasting.

Production capacities

CerealsThroughput rates up to approx. 2,400 kg/h
SnacksThroughput rates up to approx. 2,000 kg/h
Cereals from Coperion
Extruded cornflakes
Extruded cereals
Extruded cereals