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Processing of polyolefins

The co-rotating twin screw extruder ZSK MEGAcompounder from Coperion, formerly Werner & Pfleiderer, is considered a top product on the highest technical level for the processing of polyolefins. It combines the results of more than 50 years of system and processing competence and is characterized by maximum product quality at maximum throughput rates.

Its modular design principle allows optimum adaptation to every process. Whether LLDPE, HDPE or PP powders are to be continuously stabilized, homogenized and pelletized or a melt solution is to be concentrated, with our long years of know-how, we adapt the ZSK MEGAcompounder and the plant auxilliary individually to the process requirements. This way our plants achieve maximum throughputs with the greatest possible economy and highest product quality.

Production capacities

PPThroughput rates up to approx. 90 t/h
LLDPEThroughput rates up to approx. 100 t/h
HDPEThroughput rates up to approx. 100 t/h
LDPEThroughput rates up to approx. 80 t/h

Compounding and pelletizing of polyolefin powders

Compounding and pelletizing of polyolefin powders
Advantages of the ZSK MEGAcompounder
Good intake and conveying properties
Gentle and stable melting of the powder (even at reduced throughput rate)
Good homogenization of additives in the polymer melt
Effective pressure build-up with low energy input

Pelletizing of polymer melts and rubber

Pelletizing of polymer melts

Coperion has many years of experience in the pelletizing of standard plastics (PS, LDPE, LLDPE) which are available as melts after polymerization, are free from volatile ingredients or no longer require devolatilization, homogenization or compounding.

The polymer melt is discharged from the reactor via a ZSK MEGAcompounder or a gear pump and fed to the downstream screen pack changer or pelletizer.

Devolatilization of polymer and SBR solutions

Devolatilization of polymer and SBR solutions
Advantages of the ZSK MEGAcompounder
Large degassing surfaces due to the axially open screw profile
Degassing in several vacuum stages separated by melt seals in the screws
High material degassing coefficient due to high screw speed simultaneous gentle treatment of the material
Addition of stripping agents with homogeneous mixing into the melt
Pulsation-free material feeding and conveying, even with partially filled screws
Reliable removal of vapor streams

Processing of bimodal polyethylene

Two-stage ZSK for separating plasticizing and homogenization in bimodal polyolefins

Bimodal polyethylene makes high demands on the homogenization because of the wide molecular weight distribution. The long chained molecules which are responsible for the strength in the end product must be mixed into the short chained molecule matrix during compounding. This process has a decisive influence on the later properties of the product. Coperion developed the ZSK NT which consists of two ZSK MEGAcompounders especially for this process task.

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