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Recycling / Processing of PET

Coperion has developed a technology for the processing and direct extrusion of PET in which neither pre-drying of the materials nor crystallization and agglomeration of recyclates are necessary in comparison with conventional PET processing techniques.

The twin screw extruders from Coperion form the basis for this direct process. With their good processing properties and high devolatilization performance they are suitable for the processing of new materials and for the processing of all types of ground products or recyclates as well as mixing of these materials. Films, fibers or injection molding pellets can be produced inline in one process step.

Advantages of processing PET with twin screw extruders in comparison with the single screw method

The very high quality of the end product because only a minimum iV degradation occurs during processing and the crystal clear material becomes yellowish.
The high flexibility because recipes and colors can be changed very quickly due to the good self-cleaning of the twin screw extruder.
The much simpler logistics because pelletized new product and different regenerates (ground product, agglomerates, flakes) can be processed together even if they have different iV values.
The energy and time saved because the pre-drying and crystallization are omitted in the single-stage production process.


ZSK MEGAvolume PLUS von Coperion

Extruders for processes with a high volume requirement such as products from the chemical and food branch
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STS advanced

STS advanced from Coperion

Standardized extruder as the perfect symbiosis of maximum economy and product quality
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