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Compounding and extrusion systems from Coperion

Total solutions for the processing technology from raw material feeding to the entire downstream periphery? Throughput rates of 1 kg/h to 100 t/h? By individual adaptation to our customers’ applications we are able to guarantee maximum throughput rates at the greatest possible economy and quality for our extrusion machines and plants.

Coperion’s continuous research and development have made our co-rotating twin screw extruder what it is today: a top quality product at the highest technical level. This is why our comprehensive product range can ideally satisfy an enormous variety of requirements:

ZSK Mc18 of Coperion

The ZSK series combines the results of more than 50 years of process and processing competence. It is the high-end, high-tech heart of our systems with the maximum torque, speed and free volume.

STS Mc11 series from Coperion

The STS Mc11series features a high degree of standardization. It combines the process technology expertise of Coperion in Germany with the serial production in China at an attractive price-performance ratio. Since the series is certified according to CE standards, it can also be used in Europe.

CTE PLUS series of Coperion

With the CTE PLUS series Coperion Nanjing offers a new twin screw compounding system with a very attractive cost/performance ratio. The precise manufacturing of the CTE PLUS series ensures the economical processing of a wide range of applications at high product quality.

Module and complete systems from Coperion

Our modular and turnkey plants are a specialty in the segment for total solutions. These give the customer a compounding system pre-assembled from standardized components and integrated into the steel structure that offers everything from the raw material feeding to the entire downstream equipment.

In addition, we also offer peripheral equipment, which we developed ourselves. This equipment such as melt pumps, screen pack changers and pelletizers is optimally adapted to our compounding systems.

Laboratory extruder ZSK Mc18

User-friendly, highly efficient and versatile. Interchangeable process section enhances flexibility.
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Completed compounding and extrusion systems

Engineering plastics4,350
Long fiber reinforced plastics36
Temperature and shear-sensitive plastics (PVC, cables, TPE)1,659
Powder paints, toners602
Direct extrusion, calander feeding160
Chemical and reaction technology543
Food extrusion270