Strand Cooling Trough Type CT


The strand cooling trough contains process water to cool the strands whilst passing the trough. The transferred heat energy increases the temperature of the process water. The strands are guided by several strand guide rolls. The process water is supplied at the inlet and leaves via the return.

The number of strands and the cooling length are individually adapted to your product. The strand guide rolls are available in different materials.

Type of maschineCT 120CT 180CT 250CT 300CT 400CT 500CT 600CT 700CT 800CT 1.000
Trough width [mm]*1201802503004005006007008001.000
Trough depth [mm]*100180180180180250250250250250
Trough length [mm]*(1.000 - 1.500) - 2.000 - 3.000 - 4.000 - 5.000 - 6.000 - 8.000 - (10.000)
Materialstainless steel

* Different dimensions are available upon request.

Strand Conveyance Type SC


The strand conveyance Type SC excels in its reliable strand transport with fragile and brittle products. For water soluble products we offer a waterless air cooling solution. The conveying belt is available in textile fabric stainless steel meshwire.

Type of machineSC 65SC 80SC 120
Number of strands max.4812
Drawn-in speed [m/min]3-2015-6015-60
Width of band [mm]6580120
Drive power [kW]0,250,750,75
Length of band [mm]1.500 / 2.0003.000 / 6.0006.000

Process Water Circulation Type PWK


The heated process water from the strand cooling trough flows into a buffer tank (optional). A pump aspirates the process water and presses it through a filter cartridge and a heat exchanger back into the cooling trough. At the heat exchanger the process water is cooled back to the deserved temperature by means of chilled water.

The construction of the process water circulation type PWK is very robust, it is easy to clean. Product contacting process water is totally separated from the conditioned chilled water.

Type of machinePWK 1,2-20PWK 2,4-40PWK 3,6-60PWK 5,4-90PWK 7,2-120PWK 9-150PWK 15-250PWK 21-350
Amount of circulation water [m³/h]*1,22,43,65,47,291521
Cooling power [kW]20406090120150250350

* Different amounts of water upon request.

For machine types 1,2-20, 2,4-40 and 3,6-60 the process water circulation is integrated into the baseframe of the cooling trough. For all the other machine types it is built up next to the strand cooling trough.

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