UG Underwater Pelletizer

The UG Underwater Pelletizer from Coperion is suitable for the pelletizing of most thermoplastics. It is used preferably for the processing of sticky products and for high throughput rates. In addition, the UG Underwater Pelletizer from Coperion is an integral part of all compounding plants for polyolefins.

UG Underwater Pelletizer from Coperion
UG Underwater Pelletizer from Coperion

Technical data of the UG Underwater Pelletizer

UGUG 300UG 400UG 500UG 525UG 550UG 700UG 725UG 750UG 925UG 1,000UG 1,250
Max. permissible pressure of the heating medium* [bar]5065656565656565656565
Max. knife speed [min-1]1,2001,000800800800600600600400400400
Drive power / min. installed motor power [kW]204070100110120180220250280320
Max. throughput rate PE [t / h]**72235557090120
Max. throughput rate PP [t / h]**1225364558657590100

* = heat medium oil or steam
** = small sizes of the UG are also used for many other applications in addition to PP and PE

Special features and advantages of the Underwater Pelletizer

Semi-automatic, simple start-up process
Fewer personnel required for the start-up process
Low pressure build-up due to optimized flow channels, energy saving and gentle product handling
Large number of bores per die plate size enables high throughput rates
Optimized heating channel system for even and intensive heating of the die plate
No freezing of the melts in the die plate bores when starting up
Long lives of the die plate and pelletizer knife due to specially developed wear-proof material alloys
UG Underwater Pelletizer from Coperion
Size comparison with a UG 1250 from Coperion