>> STS Mc11 – the next generation of Coperion’s STS twin screw extruders. Featuring a specific torque of 11.3 Nm/cm3.

STS Mc11 – advancing into a new dimension of processing technology.

STS Mc11 compounder
STS Mc11 compounder

With its specific torque of 11.3 Nm/cm3, the STS Mc11 boasts a considerable increase in throughput with improved product quality. The STS Mc11 sets new standards: it features up to 27% higher throughput rates than the preceding model, while the higher degree of screw fill results in a decrease of melt temperature, thus improving compound quality. It incorporates the full process and quality know-how of Coperion.

The new STS Mc11 series is exclusively equipped with European, Coperion branded gearboxes. Maximum screw speed has been increased from 800 to 900 rpm. To improve cleaning and facilitate quick changovers for masterbatch applications, the STS also features new hoppers with inserts and a redesigned die head. The screw shaft coupling is similar to the one long proven in the ZSK Mc18 series. The new, optimized base frame withstands torsion under maximum stress. The STS Mc11 series covers most standard applications in process technology. It offers high productivity at an attractive price-performance ratio. Production of the STS Mc11 is in Nanjing, China, in compliance with CE directives. The result: A high-performance compounding system with low investment costs which ensures a fast return on investment. The modular design of the process section allows maximum flexibility in production at process lengths of 24 to 68 D.

Areas of application of the STS Mc11 compounder

Filling and reinforcing of engineering plastics
Alloying and filling of polyolefins/TPE
Coloring of polyolefins and engineering plastics
Production of color masterbatch, flame retardant masterbatch, filler
masterbatch and additive masterbatch
Recycling of regrind plastics, etc.
Cable compounds, incl. PVC, HFFR, XLPE
Other applications

Technical data - Standard Twin-Screw

STS Mc113550657596
Screw diameter [mm]3651627194
Specific torque Md/a³ [Nm/cm³]11.311.311.311.311.3
Max. torque per shaft [Nm]3058351,5902,4405,350
Screw speed max. [rpm]900900900900900
Motor power [kW]60165315483706
Throughput rate [kg/h]2608001,4002,2004,200

Technical data - Standard Two-Stage

STS advanced35-12050-15065/18075/20096/250
Screw diameter twin screw (mm)3651627194
Screw diameter single screw (mm)120150180200250
Motor power twin screw (kW)40110210322708
Motor power single screw (kW)22375575110
Screw speed twin screw max. (rpm)600600600600600
Screw speed single screw max. (rpm)6060606060
Max. throughput (kg/h) - HFFR40-100100-250200-480300-700660-1,600
Max. throughput (kg/h) - PVC-P110-250310-700590-1,400900-2,0002,000-4,600
Max. throughput (kg/h) - PVC-U60-150150-400300-750450-1,1001,000-2,500
Max. throughput (kg/h) - XLPE (DCP) low/medium voltage cables60-120150-300300-600450-9001,000-2,000
Max. throughput (kg/h) - XLPE (DCP) low voltage cables50-100125-250250-500350-700800-1,600

Production of pigment masterbatch

Production of pigment masterbatch

Dyeing, filling and reinforcement of engineering plastics and recycling of regrind plastics

Technical plastics and ground products

Compounding of PVC

Compounding of PVC