ZS-B twin screw side feeder

Our ZS-B twin screw side feeder enables the side feeding of fillers and additives in powder or pellet form or cut glass fibers into the processing section of the twin screw extruder. The ZS-B features the self-cleaning cleaning profile of the twin screws and product feeding into the screw flights of the extruder without stagnant zones. Very little space is required for the side feeder thanks to its compact design.

The side feeder can be mounted anywhere on the extruder’s process section in conjunction with a connection housing. C-clamps on the barrels allow fast assembly and disassembly.

In the standard version the ZS-B comes with a base frame on castors. Optionally it is mounted on a swivelling base frame which is bolted directly to the extruder’s machine bed. This solution provides extremely easy handling. It also allows the connection of ZS-Bs directly to adjacent barrels of the process section.

ZS-B side feeder from Coperion
ZS-B side feeder, mobile
ZS-B side feeder from Coperion
ZS-B side feeder, pivoting

Technical data of the ZS-B twin screw side feeder

Side feeder ZS-BZS-B 25ZS-B 40ZS-B 58ZS-B 70ZS-B 92ZS-B 133
External screw diameter [mm]2439556987131
Number of flights [Z]222222
Pitch [mm]3050607090130
Centerline distance [mm]19.5314353.567101
Screw shaft height [mm]1.1001.1001.1001.1001.1001.100
Max. pressure build-up (ns = 100 min-1) [bar]303030303030
Distributing gear perm. torque/shaft [Nm]1040100150300750
Frequency-controlled power [kW]0.752.27.57.51515
Screw speed [min-1]40-40040-40040-40040-40040-40040-400
Screw speed optional [min-1]60-60060-60060-60060-600
Infeed opening barrel [mm]44 x 8070 x 12098 x 150121 x 180150 x 200230 x 300
Weight with base frame [kg]100160250300500750

Mounting possibilities for the ZS-B on the ZSK

Size of the ZS-BStandard mounting on
ZS-B 25ZSK 26
ZS-B 40ZSK 32 I ZSK 34 I ZSK 40 I ZSK 43
ZS-B 58ZSK 50 I ZSK 54 I ZSK 58
ZS-B 70ZSK 62 I ZSK 70
ZS-B 92ZSK 76 I ZSK 92
ZS-B 133ZSK 98 I ZSK 119 I ZSK 125 I ZSK 133

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