ZS-EG twin screw side degassing

The performance capability of the ZSK series with a conventional top
vent barrel can be limited in many cases especially in the extrusion of low-viscous melts and extrusion processes with high gas volumes.

The ZS-EG twin screw side degassing from Coperion provides the solution. With its large free cross section for the devolatilization, it keeps the melt in the processing section without product escape even at maximum specific torque of the extruder. Fumes or gases are reliably removed through the axially open screw flights. Increases in the throughput rate of up to 30 % with improved product quality are possible.

The ZS-EG twin screw side degassing is mounted on the side of the extruder either with a mobile frame on casters or with a swivel arm.

ZS-EG twin-screw side devolatilization from Coperion

Advantages of the ZS-EG side degassing from Coperion

Increases in the throughput rate up to 30 %
Maximum operating reliability at lowest absolute vacuum
Simple handling thanks to quick-release locks for assembly and disassembly
Maximum cost efficiency

ZSK Mc18

ZSK Mc18 from Coperion

Extruder for products with high torque requirement such as engineering plastics and masterbatch
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ZSK MEGAvolume PLUS von Coperion

Extruders for processes with a high volume requirement such as products from the chemical and food branch
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