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ZSK twin screw extruder

Our ZSK twin screw extruders continuously set new standards in the plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food industry. They are the high-end, high-tech heart of our plants and ensure highest product quality.

By individual adaptation to our customers’ applications we are able to guarantee maximum throughput rates at the greatest possible efficiency and product quality for our ZSK machines.

ZSK series

ZSK Mc18extruder for products with a high torque requirement such as engineering plastics and masterbatches
ZSK MEGAcompounder e.g. high capacity extruder for homogenization of polyolefins from the polymerization reactor
ZSK NTtwo-stage ZSK for separating, plasticizing and homogenization of bimodal polyolefins
ZSK MEGAlablaboratory extruder for the formulation development and the basic scientific research
ZSK MEGAvolume PLUSextruder for processes with a high volume requirement such as products from the chemical and food industry
KombiplastZSK with single-screw discharge for gentle pressure build-up of shear-sensitive products such as PVC
ZSK 82 Mc18 of Coperion
ZSK 82 Mc18 of Coperion

Special features of the ZSK series

The ZSK series is based on a building block principle. The advantage of this modular principle is the individual adaptation of the process section to every application – so that optimum product quality and maximum throughput are achieved. Different processing zones can be set up alternately as required for conveying, plasticizing, mixing and shearing, homogenizing, degassing and pressure build-up.

The process section of the ZSK itself consists of several barrels in which the screws co-rotate. The closely intermeshing, self-wiping screws prevent stagnant zones along the whole length of the process section. The effect: a constantly high conveying effect and optimum self-cleaning.

Every barrel can be controlled separately. Heating usually takes place electrically with heater shells or heater cartridges and cooling by water. Barrels can also be controlled with liquid or steam heat media for special applications.

Barrels as well as screw and kneading elements are made of nitrided steel in the standard version and of appropriately suitable materials in the extrem wear and corrosion-protected version.

Maximum speed
Maximum power density
Maximum resources saving by high efficiency
Maximum flexibility in product changes and machine modifications
Optimum graduation of the sizes
Reliable scale-up
Very wide range of material solutions
Flexible solutions for the control system
Intensive process support
Proven longevity of the machines
Comprehensive after-sales services, worldwide Coperion service network
Large number of application-specific special solutions for increasing the throughout rate and the operating efficiency, among other things quick-change over features, ZS-EG side devolatilization, Feed Enhancement Technology FET, quick-lock coupling

Laboratory extruder ZSK Mc18

User-friendly, highly efficient and versatile. Interchangeable process section enhances flexibility.
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Die head

Control systems

Control systems for twin screw extruders from Coperion

Coperion offers control systems from the compact version to tailor-made systems for turnkey plants.
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Feed Enhancement Technology FET