>> The heart of our plants for the production of PVC, cable and special compounds: The two-stage Kombiplast.


PVC, cable and special compounds can only be processed economically with a reliable compounding and pelletizing technology. The Kombiplast from Coperion meets this demand in all respects. Coperion designed the compounding system especially for the production of temperature and shear-sensitive plastics – so that you can benefit from highest product quality, maximum economy and flexibility.

Two-stage Kombiplast from Coperion
Kombiplast KP 62 Mv PLUS / 200

Typical areas of application of the Kombiplast

Plasticized PVC
PVC cable: insulation, sheathing,
and filled compounds
Shoe and shoe sole material
(also PVC-P with blowing agent)
Extrusion materials for profiles and hoses (including medical applications)
Injection molding compounds
Calendered film and sheets for flooring
Special compounds
Halogen-free, self-extinguishing
formulations for cable (HFFR)
Compounds for elastomer-based low, medium, and high tension cable
Cross-linkable PE (incorporating peroxide)
Rigid PVC
Extruded profiles for interior and
exterior uses
Injection molding grades for fittings, etc.
Blow molding grades such as bottles, containers, etc.
Alloys and blends
Films (calender feeding)

Successful features of the Kombiplast

Functional principle of the Kombiplast from Coperion
Functional principle of the Kombiplast

ZS-B twin screw side feeder
The material is fed by the ZS-B. The ZS-B has a variable drive and can be used as a volumetric feeder. It features excellent feeding properties, even for
powders that are difficult to feed.

ZSK twin screw extruder
The fed raw materials are conveyed, plasticized, mixed and homogenized in the process section of the ZSK. The short residence time of the material in the process section at exact temperature control ensures an extremely gentle product handling.

Transition chute
The transition chute between the two stages of processing and discharge serves as a start-up diverter for discharging start-up and shut-down material and for degassing of the material in operation under atmospheric pressure or vacuum.

ES-A single-shaft discharge screw
The product is discharged by the ES-A which is followed directly by an eccentric pelletizer. The screw builds up sufficient pressure gently to achieve an even material flow through the die plate.

EGR eccentic pelletizer
The product discharged through the die plate in cylindrical strands is cut into pellets by a knife rotor. Any length of pellets can be set by changing its speed. The knife rotor is arranged eccentrically to the die plate.
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Pellet transport and cooling
The hot pellets are conveyed in air. For cooling a fan blows the cooling air through an air distributor into the fluidized bed from below over a fluidized bed floor. The pellets are swirled up, cooled and conveyed to the outlet of the cooler. The pellets are not exposed to any mechanical influences either during conveying or cooling.

Kombiplast PVC/HFFR hybrid

Structure of a Kombiplast PVC/HFFR hybrid plant from Coperion
Structure of a Kombiplast PVC/HFFR hybrid

The PVC/HFFR hybrid systems are a special version of the Kombiplast. These enable PVC pellets or halogen-free, flame-retardant (HFFR) compounds to be produced economically for the cable industry.

Only a few changes to the Kombiplast PVC/HFFR hybrid are necessary to change products from PVC to HFFR or vice versa. The change can be made within 2 hours depending on the equipment in the plant and the machine size.

Turnkey plants

Coperion also produces processing systems for temperature and shear-sensitive plastics as turnkey plants: You then get all the system components from the raw materials feeding and compounding to the filling of the finished product exactly adapted to each other from one provider.

Technical data of the Kombiplast with ZSK MEGAvolume PLUS

Kombiplast ZSK/ES-AMax. torque per shaft [Nm]Specific torque Md/a³ [Nm/cm³]Max. screw speed [rpm]Max. motor power N [kW]Screw diameter [mm]
KP 27 Mv PLUS / 60100/40010.6600/11513/427/60
KP 34 Mv PLUS / 100205/1,20011.3600/10027/1534/100
KP 43 Mv PLUS / 150420/4,05011.3600/7555/4543/150
KP 54 Mv PLUS / 150815/4,05011.3600/75108/4554/150
KP 62 Mv PLUS / 2001,250/9,60011.3600/75165/6662/200
KP 76 Mv PLUS / 2502,275/18,75011.3600/50300/12576/250
KP 98 Mv PLUS / 3005,000/32,40011.3400/50440/18098/300
KP 125 Mv PLUS / 35010,300/51,45011.3400/50906/285125/350

Technical data of the Kombiplast with ZSK Mc18

Kombiplast ZSK/ES-AMax. torque per shaft [Nm]Specific torque Md/a³ [Nm/cm³]Max. screw speed [rpm]Max. motor power N [kW]Screw diameter [mm]
KP 26 Mc / 60106/40011.3600/11514/425/60
KP 32 Mc18 / 100315/1,30018600/10042/1532/100
KP 45 Mc18 / 100930/1,30018600/100123/1545/100
KP 58 Mc18 / 1502,000/8,00018600/75264/4558/150
KP 70 Mc18 / 2003,500/15,00018600/75462/6670/200
KP 92 Mc18 / 2507,500/30,00017600/50990/10092/250
KP 92 Mc18 / 3007,500/55,00017600/50990/15092/300
KP 119 Mc18 / 30015,300/55,00017400/501,346/150118/300
KP 133 Mc PLUS / 35020,000/80,00015400/501,759/170133/350

Special features of the Kombiplast

Excellent feeding characteristics, even with poorly flowing powders and hot premixes from the high-speed mixer
Good homogenization and controlled shearing at uniform product stress
Short residence time and defined narrow residence time distribution
Exact temperature control
Efficient removal of volatile matter
Gentle product treatment, especially in the pressure build-up zone before the die plate
Uniform product flow through the die plate
Low specific energy requirement
Wide range of applications
Easy adaptation to new requirements
Fast, convenient cleaning possibility
High availability
Cost-effective maintenance
Maintenance-friendly machine set-up

Control systems

Control systems for twin screw extruders from Coperion

Coperion offers control systems from the compact version to tailor-made systems for turnkey plants.
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