>> High-capacity extruder for the homogenization of polyolefins after the polymerization reactor.

ZSK MEGAcompounder

The ZSK MEGAcompounder from Coperion, formerly Werner & Pfleiderer, is considered a milestone in the development of the high-performance compounding plants. The extremely high productivity of the systems is the result of more than 50 years of continuous research and development.

The ZSK MEGAcompounder series is ideally suitable for the economical processing of polyolefins. It constantly achieves maximum product quality especially in continuous processes with a high energy requirements.

There is already evidence to suggest that our high-performance compounding plants will come close to the throughput rate of 100 t/h in the processing of polyolefins.

ZSK MEGAcompounderZSK 177 McZSK 250 McZSK 320 McZSK 350 McZSK 380 McZSK 420 Mc
Max. torque per shaft [Nm]39,000107,000222,000311,000394,000394,000
Spec. torque Md/a3 [Nm/cm3]12,512,512,512,512,5Increased drive power upon request
Max. screw speed [min-1]550500400350320Increased drive power upon request
Max. drive power N [kW]4,50011,20018,60022,80026,400Increased drive power upon request
Screw diameter [mm]177248315352380420

Mc = MEGAcompounder

High-performance compounding plants from Coperion

High-performance compounding plants from Coperion

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