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Candidates with work experience

The opportunities for new challenges grow with the innovative orientation of a company. At Coperion we are world leaders in Compounding & Extrusion, Materials Handling and Service with our innovations and technologies. Our engineers and technicians (m/f) are not only the most versatile but also the best in the business. Why is that?

We at Coperion love...

· commitment and enthusiasm instead of routine and work to rule
· unlimited ideas instead of restrictions and narrowmindedness
· progressivity and change instead of stagnation

And we need employees with heart and mind who are happy to assume responsibility, enjoy making decisions and who want to make things happen with us.

Did you say “yes“ to yourself three times while reading that? Then it’s worth having a look at our current job vacancies. You can also experience the fascination of international machine and plant construction by reading our employee reports.

Coperion as an employer
Technician testing an underwater pelletizer
Service technician

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