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In-plant storage

When charging and discharging alumina silos and also during storage, it is particularly important that a uniform particle distribution is maintained. When handling petcoke the main challenge is to evacuate the product safely.
Our know-how guarantees reliable processes for both raw materials.

To prevent segratation of the alumina during feeding and discharge, we collaborate with IBAU HAMBURG to implement an efficient anti-segregation system. On the silo roof the alumina is distributed from a central transfer point through a system of air-slide conveyors to several optimally arranged filling connections in to the silo.
A special discharge system in the silo base permits selective fluidization and sequential discharge of the alumina from individual zones.
In this way we can guarantee that the regular alumina particle distribution is ensured - the most important characteristic for the efficiency of the smelting process. Very robust discharge devices are available and used for discharge of the petcoke. We know what really counts.

01Silo distribution system
02Discharge system
03Mechanical discharge device