>> Why we enjoy an unloading challenge

Raw material receiving

Because time is money, and this is also very true when it comes to alumina and petcoke unloading

As large quantities of alumina and petcoke are required for aluminium production, the raw materials are either supplied by ship or rail car. Short ship docking times during unloading are a most important cost-cutting factor. This is something we can guarantee, and at the same time ensure gentle and reliable unloading of your product.

The pneumatic Coperion ship unloader features leading-edge technology backed by Hartmann expertise which has proved its efficiency and effectiveness hundreds of times over the years. The decisive process components such as filters, rotary valves, blowers etc. are developed and manufactured at our own factory.

Speed, reliability and gentle handling of the product during unloading are the first steps towards economical operation of your system. This is what we offer - offload your work on us.

02Belt sealed rotary valve
03Wear protected rotary valve
04Suction blower
05Trough chain conveyor