>> Years of experience for a long service life: Coperion components for the minerals industry. Our in-depth knowledge in this field is not only based on a long tradition - we are learning more every single day.

Coperion bulk materials components for rotary valves and diverter valves are used worldwide for:

Cement industry: Raw mix, cement, clinker powder, bypass dust, solid fuels.

Ore processing: Crude ore, finished products.

Power plants: Solid fuels, ash.

Lime industry: Calcium carbonate, dolomite, lime (hydrated/non-hydrated), solid fuels.

Construction industry: Render, sand, dry mortar.

Aluminium industry: Alumina.

Wood industry: Sanding dust, wood powder.

Ceramics industry: Clay/kaolin, fireproof materials.

Example application for our components: cement works
Example application for our components: lime works
Example application for our components: power plants for solid fuels

There are many reasons why Coperion is the ideal partner of the minerals industry:

- We have experience with more than 14.000 bulk materials.
- In our test centre we simulate wear conditions and define the optimum wear protection (DuroProtect level).
- Coperion components are long-lasting, high-quality products for all applications.
- Our DuroProtect levels for rotary valves guarantee maximum service life and availability.

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Wear-protected rotary valves and diverter valveas for the mineral industry

Wear protection packages for rotary valves
Wear protection packages
Rotary valve with tungsten carbide welding
Rotary valve with tungsten carbide welding