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Some people think it's our research department. Actually, it's yours.

The Coperion technical center in Weingarten is the experimental platform on which we test future applications for a production plant, such as the properties of your new bulk materials and the optimum conveying mode.

Although computer simulation and our theoretical design methods have reached a high level, we still run practical tests on an industrial scale in our technical center, as we like to verify our design principles in practical trials. This gives you the security that there will be no surprises when the plant is started up.

Materials handling technical center

Industrial-scale technical center in Weingarten (D)
More than 50 conveying and separating systems for testing bulk solid properties
More than 800 m of conveying routes for trials
Conveying capacities of up to 200 t/h
Archive with more than 10,000 bulk materials samples
Development of in-house test equiment and simulations
Incorporated laboratory for fast product quality analysis

lnformation for a safe stay at our technical center

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