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Coperion builds compounding line for Hexpol at our facility in Shanghai

Modular plant for the compounding of thermoplastic elastomers

In January 2012 Coperion secured the Swedish Hexpol Group’s first order for the building of a modular plant in Shanghai. The compounding system was destined for Hexpol Compounding Co. Ltd., Foshan/China where it is now being used for the compounding of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). After assembly and commissioning at Coperion’s facility in Shanghai, the system was delivered to the customer, installed and put into service on a very short timeline.

The core equipment of the modular compounding system is a twin screw extruder ZSK with 82 mm diameter screws capable of a maximum output of 1,800 kg/hour and suitable for different TPE formulations without any need for conversion. One of the most important user benefits of the modular concept is the floor-level installation of the ZSK 82 Mc18, permitting ready access during normal operation - especially for cleaning when changing over from one product to another - and also for maintenance and repair. The handling systems for the raw and finished products were also designed and supplied by Coperion in Shanghai. K-Tron gravimetric feeding systems are integrated into the modular compounding system.

The decision in favor of a Coperion compounding system is explained by Carsten Rueter, President Technology, Hexpol Compounding, as follows: “We were most impressed both by the thoroughness with which Coperion’s experts dealt with our production requirements and by the exactness with which they accommodated our wishes and needs. Within an extraordinarily short period of time we received a high-performance production line in which the conveying and compounding systems came from one and the same manufacturer. We are using the modular plant for the production of high-quality TPE compounds that satisfy all requirements, both our own and those of our customers. These products are also internationally competitive and therefore enable us to expand our presence in China to a decisive extent.”

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Your contact:
Manfred Wiedmann, Phone +49 751 408 674, e-mail

NAFTA contact:
Jai Patel, Phone +1 281 986 3653, e-mail

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Higher performance with Coperion screw elements and shafts

Top grade metallurgy, precision dimensions and surface finishes

Your Coperion extruder was designed to operate with screw elements having unique geometries and special tolerance clearances. Coperion manufactures all of our extruder screw elements to these exacting standards – top grade metallurgy, precision dimensions and surface finishes, and all with high OEM quality standards. Many process applications are abrasive, and Coperion supplies screw elements consisting of powder metallurgical steels selected to provide the wear resistance and toughness required for the demand on the various components. In addition, our elements are designed and manufactured with a soft sleeve core which is not hardened and provides superior fit onto the shaft splines with maximum contact area and a minimum of stress concentrations.

Coperion splined screw shafts are manufactured by a special cold forming process, which increases the surface density of the splines and provides a higher allowable stress to absorb the loads resulting from the high torque introduced into the elements by the shafts. This high torque capability is required by today’s challenging process applications.

Coperion experts have the experience and knowledge to be able to review your application and to recommend screw elements options to meet your specific needs. Together with planned maintenance intervals and proactive spare parts replacement, Coperion can help you achieve maximum productivity, processing efficiency, and high product quality.

Your contact:
Markus Braun, Phone +49 711 897 2586, e-mail

NAFTA contact:
Richard Taylor, Phone +1 201 825 6445, e-mail

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Horizontal Fluidbed Separator HFS now also available for rental

Quick and flexible solution for dust separation

The movable Horizontal Fluidbed Separator HFS provides a solution to customers who are in need of instantaneous cleaning because of product quality concerns. It also suits users who would like to test the HFS in situ before buying it.

Because of the continuously increasing need for flexible solutions in the last years, Coperion in Houston, USA, is now offering a portable Horizontal Fluidbed Separator skid mounted unit for rental. The portable HFS is available in NAFTA within 24 hours.

Coperion delivered the first movable HFS to a compound manufacturer in Milano in 2010. Since then the sifter successfully cleans glass fibre filled pellets fed from 8 different silos. The HFS enables users to clean thoroughly and effectively even the most difficult products, such as brittle, fragile or rubbery bulk materials.

The maximum throughput rate of the HFS depends on the specific product and is up to 2 t/h. Feeding of the HFS is possible from an Intermediate Bulk Container (e.g. Gaylords) via a venturi conveyor. The HFS discharge is elevated to allow cleaned pellets to be loaded directly into a drum, Tote or Gaylord IBC. Forklift braces allow to truck-load the unit conveniently with a fork lift truck. After uncrating, the system – frame mounted and moveable by caster wheels – is ready for deployment within an existing process for testing or permanent duty.

Key features at a glance:
Gentle, most intensive dust separation
Movable; used below silos or above Industrial Bulk Containers (IBC)
24 hour delivery of the HFS rental unit (only within NAFTA)

Your contact:
Michael Kramer, Phone +49 751 408 736, e-mail

NAFTA contact:
Jai Patel, Phone+1 281 986 3653, e-mail

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Reactive Extrusion Process with ZSK technology

Preferred production method with ZSK twin screw extruder

Over the last 20 years the continuous twin screw process with ZSK has become a preferred production method in the chemical industry. Only one reactor covers the whole range of viscosity values. The ZSK applies to mass polymerisation, starting from monomers or prepolymers, as well as to modifying of polymers by grafting, cross-linking, estering, degradation or the production of ionomers.

The main advantage of these continuous compounding machines compared to more simple units, is that the ZSK permits continuous production of an extremely broad product spectrum of polyurethanes, from soft polyurethane adhesives to the hardest thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers, with Shore hardness of D60 and above.

Furthermore, the ZSK technology for chemical reaction is established in the production of cross-linked thermoplastic elastomers (TPE-V), peroxide break-down of polypropylene, polycondensation of polyamides and the partial glycolysis of PET.

Depending on the application the processing plant can be equipped with different ZSK extruder series: the especially high-torque machine ZSK Mc18 (diameter ratio Do/Di=1.55) as well as the especially high free volume extruder ZSK MEGAvolume PLUS (diameter ratio Do/Di=1.8).

Your contact:
Roland Elsaesser, Phone +49 711 897 3155, e-Mail

NAFTA contact:
Eberhard Dieterich, Phone +1 201 825 6408, e-mail

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