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First ZSK 177 MEGAcompounder baseframe machine delivered to POM producer in China

New baseframe design reduces assembly time at site

Coperion has delivered its first two ZSK 177 compounding lines for Polyoxymethylene (POM) mounted on a common baseframe to a company in China. These ZSK 177 machines have a common baseframe for motor, gearbox and processing section. This allows Coperion to assemble and test the complete machine at its factory in Stuttgart and ship the machine as one unit to the customer.

Compared to past designs with separate units (processing section, gear box, motor) the new baseframe design reduces assembly time at site. This saves both time and cost during installation. The compounding lines are used for the compounding, degassing, stabilizing and pelletizing of the raw POM polymer. Each compounding system is rated for an output of 3,000 kg/hour and is comprised of a ZSK MEGAcompounder with a 177 mm diameter screw, a gear pump, a continuous screen changer, an underwater pellizer, and a classifier. The complete scope is specially optimized for this application.

During compounding of the raw POM polymer there is a strong demand for degassing. Consequently, each ZSK MEGAcompounder is equipped with a 40:1 L/D extruder (L = screw length, D = screw diameter) featuring three vacuum domes for the degassing of the melt, two of which are in double-length housings. In addition to the high degassing capacity due to the three vacuum domes, the high torque of the ZSK MEGAcompounder has been found to best enhance the product quality.

Your contact:
Dr. Oliver Eitel, phone: +49 711 897 2474, e-mail

NAFTA contact:
Eberhard Dieterich, phone: +1 201 825 6408, e-mail

ZSK 177 MEGAcompounder fully assembled ex factory
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Maintain reliable performance with Coperion’s new gearbox technology

Many benefits by upgrading your Coperion extruder gearbox

Your Coperion extruder is at the center of your processing line, and the extruder gearbox is the heart that drives the twin screw processing section. As with any mechanical rotating equipment, scheduled gearbox maintenance and periodic overhauls are necessary to avoid major breakdowns.

Many customers with older gearboxes who have performed many overhauls over a long operating life are now considering the cost and benefit of upgrading their gearbox when the next overhaul is due to be performed.

Upgrading your Coperion extruder gearbox brings many benefits. The newer generations of gearboxes incorporate more modern mechanical technology, stronger gear design, heavy duty extended life bearings, and optimized lubrication oil systems. In many cases the newer gearboxes are rated for higher torque carrying capability than the older style. This higher rating provides a greater operating safety factor for your processing line and even allows for increased production rates in many situations.

Coperion customer service personnel have the experience and knowledge to be able to review your extruder drive train and be able to recommend to you the gearbox upgrade options that would make sense for your situation. In many situations, customers also combine a gearbox upgrade with an extruder motor and coupling upgrade to achieve significant process rate increases and enhanced product flexibility.

With reliable gearbox performance your extruder can run trouble-free for many years. Together with planned maintenance intervals and proactive spare parts replacement, maximum productivity, processing efficiency, and product quality can be achieved.

Your contact:
Juergen Weikert, phone: +49 711 897 3464, e-mail

NAFTA contact:
Richard Taylor, phone: +1 201 825 6445, e-mail

Coperion's new gearbox technology
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Coperion Polyolefin Technology Conference in Houston, Texas

All the way to pellet handling and product dispatch

Coperion organized another Polyolefin Technology Conference in Houston, Texas, on December 3 and 4. One of the main reasons for the conference’s return to Houston is the large population of Coperion extruders and handling equipment on the US Gulf coast.

The central topics of the conference dealt with Coperion’s view as an equipment manufacturer to polyolefin projects around the globe and its response to new demands such as projects moving around the globe to new locations where affordable feed stock is found, and to new challenges of increasing capacities of individual lines. Another important aspect was to highlight the importance of the conceptual development work for an entire plant with the main focus on materials handling and finished product packaging.

The presentations were sequenced following the process chain downstream starting from the polymerization reactor through the extruder all the way to pellet handling and product dispatch. Coperion experts presented many different new technological aspects, achievements, developments and experiences of extrusion and pelletizing as well as materials handling equipment in the field. The extension of the ZSK extruder series by a ZSK 420 Mc as well as the large underwater pelletizer UG 1,250 to handle pelletizing of 100 t/hr plus with corresponding conveying equipment was highlighted.

The conference was attended by about 80 guests, mainly mechanical and process engineers. All participants benefited from an intensive exchange of experiences and ideas. Lively discussions amongst the attendees and the Coperion staff shaped new ideas for further improving equipment to meet customer demands and challenges at hand.

This Houston conference was the latest in a long history of conferences and technology updates that started in the 1980’s. Today, Coperion is part of Hillenbrand’s Process Equipment Group along with K-Tron, Rotex and TerraSource Global. This group will not only serve the polyolefin industry, but many other plastics industries even better in the future.

Your contact:
Klaus Kapfer, phone: +49 711 897 3170, e-mail
Christoph Schumacher, Phone: +49 751 408 630, e-mail

NAFTA contact:
Jia Patel, phone: +1 281 986 3653, e-mail

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Coperion Technology Update in Niel, Belgium

New perspectives in plastics technology

Experts from Coperion, PELL-TEC and Weicom presented on November 20 and 21 in Niel, Belgium, current technology trends in equipment for the production and logistics of plastics. For two days the plant was transformed into an exhibition area.

The event focused on new solutions for pelletizing, FFS bagging, logistics and container loading and unloading. Michael Schuler, CEO of PELL-TEC, gave an overview on latest developments in strand pelletizing and explained the functionality of the SP 200 strand pelletizer with a live demonstration. Francesco Bassi, CEO of Weicom, presented the modern design and latest developments in bagging machines. He demonstrated the special advantages for the user through a live presentation of the ITL 500 bagging machine. Efficient logistics management, warehousing and logistics software solutions for major polyolefin production facilities were the main topics of Malcolm Cartwright’s, Coperion Senior Sales Manager Logistic Solutions, and Jarett Leesch’s, INCONSO AG, presentation. In the end Malcolm Cartwright presented solutions for loading and unloading of containers.

About 70 interested customers attended in the Technology Update in Niel. Speeches, discussions and presentations featured a concise overview of the latest developments from Coperion. The program was completed with live machine demonstrations which generated a lot of interest among the guests.

Your contact for extrusion and strand pelletizing machinery:
Marc Leyers, phone: +32 3 87051 07, e-mail
Your contact for materials handling and bagging machines:
Marco Geradts, phone: +32 3 87051 08, e-mail

NAFTA contact for extrusion and strand pelletizing machinery:
Eberhard Dieterich, phone: +1 201 825 6408, e-mail
NAFTA contact for materials handling and bagging machines:
Jai Patel, phone: +1 281 986 3653, e-mail

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