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An Eye on Every Detail: Service at Coperion

Customer relies on modernization – and gains a competitive advantage.

Always motivated on the job: Our service experts were faced with the task of bringing a ZSK 177 twin screw extruder made in 1996 up to the state of the art. The aim of this modernization: to considerably improve the quality of the ­product manufactured with the extruder and to gain a competitive advantage for our customer as a result.

No problem for the Coperion Modernization Team and our local representative on site. Following intensive examination and assessment of the actual condition of the machine the experts drew up a detailed project plan: from the design and production of the necessary new components, the machining of the existing components, and the conversion of the extruder on site right up to recommissioning.

Coperion implemented this plan step by step. The screw shafts with coupling and accessories were changed as were two barrels of the processing section. These were re-designed and manufactured at Coperion especially for the project. Other existing barrels were shipped to Coperion “just-in-time” for their modification. This gave our customer a great advantage, namely minimum machine downtime.

The customer was delighted with our modernization package. In addition to the improved product quality he also benefits from the maximum productivity and operational reliability of his extruder.

Your contact
Jürgen Weikert, Tel.: +49 (0) 711 897-3464, E-Mail

At a glance
Coperion services for the moderni­zation of your extrusion plants:
Increased performance due to improved throughput rates
Improved quality
OEM replacement parts to increase the production and operational reliability before the end of 2009

Service in Focus: Compounding & Extrusion

Fast delivery of ZSK screw elements* – Coperion improves the spare parts service.

We make high demands: We deliver original ZSK screw elements* within six weeks – and at very attractive conditions. We have invested several million Euros in our production sites in Europe and the USA in recent years – and have implemented a fast and efficient production process.

More than 20,000 screw elements are stored at our 27 Service Centers in Europe, Asia and the USA. This enables us to provide our customers with about 70 % of the screw elements required as spare parts immediately. A maximum delivery time of six weeks applies for all screw elements which we do not have on stock. In short: We meet your requirements flexibly and at short notice!

* For ZSK 18–ZSK 133; materials: WP00, WP15.

Your contact:
Ulf Wittmann, Tel.: +49 (0) 711 897-2583, E-Mail

At a glance
Advantages of the extended ­production capacities:
Much shorter delivery times
Attractive conditions
About 70 % of the screw elements required as spare parts available from stock
Fast delivery of ZSK screw elements

Service in Focus: Materials Handling

New filters and cleaning systems – extended ­delivery program from Coperion.

Every filter is different – but always just as the customer needs. This is the motto under which we present our new filter program which meets the customers’ ­demand for greater cost effectiveness.

The filters of the FD series have a dual function: They can filter and separate ­simultaneously. Thanks to their integrated water trap they have separation factors of 99.97 % and can be used as safety filters to protect machines and products.

The Jet Cleaning System is the optimum solution for filters which need to be cleaned regularly: dimensions, quality and arrangement of the cleaning nozzles are adapted exactly to the intensity and frequency of the cleaning air shots. The result: maximum cleaning, low compressed air consumption, long useful life of the filter elements and a drastic reduction in filter costs and running costs.

Your contact:
Carsten Packeiser, Tel.: +49 (0) 751 408-619, E-Mail

New filters and cleaning systems from Coperion
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