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An Eye on Every Detail: Service at Coperion

Turnaround: in the shortest time possible compliant with all safety regulations.

How can this be guaranteed? By a blanket agreement with Coperion. As in the following case: Coperion was contracted to handle the general overhaul of a large plant based on a ZSK 320 in the polyolefin producing industry – including execution of all the necessary maintenance work.
The twin-screw extruder produces about 50 tons of PE per hour. The time slot available for the scheduled general overhaul was therefore very short. The high demands for work safety in the chemical industry also had to be met at all costs.

In order to complete this major project successfully, every single work step had to be coordinated in detail with the subsequent steps and the time schedule. The large plant was dismantled, inspected and overhauled piece by piece: from the disassembly of the underwater pelletizer UG 1.000 and the replacement of the die plate to the overhaul of the pelletizer head barrel, screen pack changer, melt pump and throttle start-up valve. Only then was the processing section accessible for the overhaul work. The barrels were checked for wear, shafts overhauled and single screw elements replaced.

A total of 12 people from Coperion were at work on the overhaul of the compounder alone. Four others worked simultaneously on the overhaul of valves and pipe diverters and the maintenance of filters and samplers. The large plant was able to recommence operation after two and a half weeks to the customer’s full satisfaction. Thanks to the detailed project planning and the professional work on site the extensive service package was completed without hitches, in the allotted time, with the demanded quality and in compliance with all safety regulations.

Your contact:
Thomas Holtz, Tel.: +49 (0) 2232 20700-20, email

General overhaul of a large plant based on a ZSK 320
16 Coperion employees at work
Project duration: two and a half weeks, 1,700 working hours
Overhaul of the extruder and all its peripheral equipment
Overhaul of materials handling components
Execution of all the necessary maintenance work
Compliance with all safety regulations
Turnaround of a ZSK 320

Service in Focus: Compounding & Extrusion

Maintain top processing quality with Coperion’s Barrel Bore Measurement Service.

Coperion’s barrel bore measurement service is the ideal system to obtain extruder wear and performance information that helps operators to plan maintenance intervals and reduces loss of production time during inspections. When extruder process quality or throughput rate drops below normal standards, many times the root cause is process section wear. Coperion can provide fast and efficient measurements with minimum down time.

The Coperion system has been specifically developed for the inspection of extruder barrel bores without dismantling the barrels. The operator only has to perform a normal purge and shutdown, remove the screw assembly, and when the process section is cool a measurement can be performed. Our system utilizes sensors specially designed for extruder barrels which is traversed up and down each bore to record actual dimensions and can “see” through melt residue that is left on the barrels – no surface cleaning is required.

The measurement results can then be transferred to a computer to generate a final report of barrel condition. With this data, we can plan for maintenance intervals and spare parts replacement proactively to ensure maximum productivity, processing efficiency, and product quality.

Your contact:
Frank Ziegler, Tel.: +49 (0) 711 897-2582, E-Mail

Advantages of the barrel bore measurement
Continuous assurance of the machine availability by early detection of any defects
Minimum time requirement
Reduction of the maintenance capacity by plannable repairs
Just-in-time spare parts procurement
Maintain top processing quality with Coperion’s Barrel Bore Measurement Service

Benefit from the manufacturer’s know-how.

The maximum productivity of your machines and plants is the goal of Coperion’s comprehensive training courses. Frequently we pass on our know-how in the fields of process, control and maintenance technology to your operators, engineers and technicians even before commissioning a machine to ensure trouble-free production operation.

In a major project in the United Arab Emirates in which we are supplying compounding systems and bulk goods plants for the annual production of 800,000 t of polypropylene and 540,000 t of polyethylene, the owner’s personnel are being introduced to Coperion conveyor and compounding technology in three intensive training seminars.

Two theory seminars on system and process technology have already been held in the Training Centers in Stuttgart and Weingarten. These will be followed by a practical seminar at the customer’s site: the topics of control and maintenance technology will be presented at the plant before it is commissioned. The customer’s personnel will be optimally prepared for the new plants before production starts so that he will reap the full profits from his plant’s productivity.

Your contact:
Compounding & Extrusion: Udo Bode, Tel.: +49 (0) 711 897-2379, E-Mail
Materials Handling: Michael Kahan, Tel.: +49 (0) 751 408-252, E-Mail

Coperion training topics
Machine and plant technology
Basic principles of pneumatic conveying
Process and control technology
Training program of Coperion
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