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An Eye on Every Detail: Service at Coperion

What we understand by global competence.

For no less than three new plastic production plants one of our customers in Saudi Arabia contracted us to provide the entire materials handling systems. The plants produce polypropylene, HDpolyethylene and high-purity polycarbonate which is intended for optical applications among other things.

The special thing about this order from Coperion’s point of view: Our team accompanied the new plant project with extensive services. For example, we supplied our customer with all the consumables such as oils, filters or start-up screens for the commissioning of the plants. These were supplemented by numerous replacement units such as rotary valves and diverters which our customer keeps on stock at the factory to ensure highly profitable production even during maintenance of these parts. The contract finally included the delivery of spare parts for 2 years of plant operation such as wearable parts or parts with longer delivery times. All in all the service delivery contained more than 10,000 items.

All parts were delivered to the customer’s satisfaction – under compliance with all the specifications. High demands were made above all on the spare parts for the polycarbonate plant. All product-wetted areas had to be given a mirror-gloss polish which only allowed a roughness depth of 0.4 mm. These parts to be used in the clean room were accepted by the "White Glove Test". In order to keep the rotating spare parts such as turbo compressors continuously available on stock, we delivered them in special containers. These keep the preserved parts under a slight nitrogen overpressure and constant monitoring so that they are always protected against the desert sand and the Saudi Arabian climate.

More than 10,000 spare parts – and we also delivered a further plus: To keep an overview and at the same time coordinate the exchange of the spare parts between the plants, we created a database and an electronic documentation for interchangeability of the parts (ESPIR) for our customer.

Your contact:
Ozan Balaban, Tel.: +49 (0) 751 408-406, email

Scope of delivery of the spare parts package for a customer in Saudi Arabia
More than 10,000 items for three new lines
Compliance with all clean room requirements
Special containers for storage in a desert environment
Database with all the delivered parts
ESPIR = Electronic Spare Part Interchangeability Record for inter-exchange of the spare parts
Component with mirror-gloss polish

Service in Focus: Compounding & Extrusion

Assurance of maximum product quality: with COBRA LG.

Only an intact process section can guarantee you highest product quality in extrusion. And this pays off especially in large-scale systems. We have therefore developed the new COBRA LG (Coperion Barrel Review Assistant – laser-guided) wear diagnosis system for the sizes ZSK 240 to ZSK 420. It is the consistent further development of the barrel bore measuring system that we have been using successfully for sizes up to ZSK 170 for the last 13 years.

With COBRA LG the wear measurement on the process section is made on installed barrels – for example during routine maintenance. Only the shafts and elements must be removed. This saves time and money. Our technicians carry out the measurements with high-precision laser technology. First the screw channel is filmed; this enables a thorough optical analysis. This is followed by exact measurement of the inside surface area of the process section with a laser-aided measuring system.

The results in a 3D-graphic and a video stream quickly give you and us a complete overview of the condition of the process section. Defects and possible faults can be detected preventively. Repairs are easier to plan and the expenses for maintenance are reduced. In short: The availability of your processing system increases.

Your contact:
Frank Ziegler, Tel.: +49 (0) 711 897-2582, E-Mail

COBRA LG wear diagnosis system
For ZSK 240 to ZSK 420
Minimum costs and time
Permanent assurance of the plant availability
Preventive detection of potential defects
Reduction of the maintenance capacity by plannable repairs
Prompt ordering of spare parts
Assurance of maximum product quality: with COBRA LG

Service in Fokus: Materials Handling

Coperion invests in long-term data security.

Your satisfaction is our top priority – today and tomorrow. In order to keep this promise in the future we have invested about 200,000 € in an extended, certified archive concept. This enables secure archiving of our product and job data over many decades.

All available paper documents and drawings were assigned a special place in the newly created rooms especially for this purpose. The locations of these original files can be identified easily by an electronic archiving system. We protect the completeness of this archive in the long term by only issuing copies of the original documents.

In future we will be focusing strongly on the digital archiving of product and job data. We will rely on a proven online archive solution from EMC for this. This ensures the long-term availability of the data and at the same time enables us to respond more flexibly to your inquiries regarding past events. To make sure we remain your number one partner for after sales services.

Your contact:
Carsten Packeiser, Tel.: +49 (0) 751 408-619, E-Mail

The Coperion archive in Weingarten:
Data security for more than 30 years
400m2 archive space
Capacity for 50,000 files
Current stock of more than 30,000 files and 5 TB digital archive data
Coperion invests in long-term data security
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