>> With our maintenance services we ensure your plant availability and check the efficient utilization of resources.


Maintenance at Coperion
Maintenance at Coperion

We offer standardized maintenance packages for your extruders, compounders, bulk materials systems and components. These include the overhaul of components, gearboxes, die plates, knife holders and barrels to ensure their safe and economical operation. Offers such as machine upgrades, enhancement of the wear protection or lease components complement this service.

Our worldwide Service Center Network ensures direct contact to our customers. Our local partners speak your language and are familiar with your countries way of doing business.

Maintenance of extruders and components

Removal of screw shafts and elements / wear protection
Barrel bore measurement / barrel overhaul / wear protection
Gearbox monitoring systems / gearbox overhaul
Die plate overhaul / knife holder overhaul
Maintenance of strand pelletizers
Remote service

Maintenance of bulk materials systems and components

Overhaul of components
Overhaul of filters and separators
Lease components such as rotary valves and diverter valves
Dust analysis
Maintenance concepts for turnkey plants

Service for Compounding & Extrusion

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Emergency Hotline

Europe / Asia
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