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The full service contract

When you sign a full service contract with us, we ensure the optimal availability of your extruders, compounders, bulk materials systems or components at fixed costs.

We take over all the maintenance work for you. The costs for the necessary spare parts or services, with the exception of wear parts, are covered by the contract.

In addition to the “Extended Service Contract” the service package of a full service contract may contain studies on process and cost optimization. We can develop emergency concepts and take over the maintenance responsibility or Plant Management for you.

All with one goal in mind: Maximum operational reliability and plannability of the associated costs.

Individually negotiated service packages for maximum operational reliability

Process and cost optimization
Identification of improvement potential in the daily production processCost reduction through increased efficiency and extensive know-how
Operational reliability
Creation and execution of a customized emergency conceptDefined procedure in case of failure for minimum downtimes
All maintenance work done by CoperionPlannable costs
Relocation of risk to Coperion
Plant Management
Production responsibilityOptimization of plant availability and process efficiency increase
Calculable costs
Increased operational reliability
Maintenance of value and increased durability of machines and plants

Service for Compounding & Extrusion

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Service for Materials Handling

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