Christian Stöhr

Project Manager Coperion Weingarten

In October of 2007, I began at Coperion in Weingarten as a DHBW student in the field of Production and Management. Because the combination of study and direct practical application really appealed to me, I chose this path and have not regretted it to this day. In the course of my dual education, I cycled through various stations and was able to acquire experience abroad as well.


Boredom and monotony are not in our vocabulary

Christian Stöhr, Project Manager Coperion Weingarten

Following completion of my studies, I began my career as a test engineer in the Test Center. After that followed an assignment as a system design project engineer in the Material Handling Area. I have been in this field since January of 2013 as a project leader, and I particularly value the versatility and the rich variety. Boredom and monotony are not in our vocabulary. As a project leader, no project is like any other, and every customer is different. Along with the great variety, the company’s big plus first and foremost is the trust that Coperion leads with in order to risk taking on big assignments and blazing new trails.

For me, having Coperion as an employer means having the opportunity to work on exciting new challenges that await us with every project. The more complex the assignments and demands of our customers, the more we can prove that we are the market leader in the area of bulk materials handling, with good reason. I also really value the proximity to our customers that we have on our projects. Working relationships based on equality — Confidence Through Partnership, as our motto says.

As Coperion, we have the ability to offer our customers everything in one place. In so doing, our aspiration is to provide them with advantages. It’s a terrific approach, and I am excited to work with it every day. As a part of lean initiatives and projects spanning divisions, I can contribute significantly to our company’s growth worldwide, and that makes me proud and propels me forward. We have a super workforce; it is our company’s capital and it should be networked further in order to be mutually successful in the marketplace.

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