Coperion at K 2019

Exhibits on Display at K 2019

Coperion's highly efficient solutions for compounding technology – making more out of your plastics.

Digital Solutions for Networked Plastics Production

As part of our new “C-Beyond 4.0” portfolio, we have presented digital concepts and applications for networked plastics production at K 2019. Among these are a concept study addressing a uniform user interface for human-machine interfaces (graphical user interfaces). These can depict Industry 4.0 functionalities and are being gradually implemented into all Coperion extruders, compounding machines, and material handling systems for the compounding industry. The intelligent support programs (Smart Machine Features) include intelligent diagnosis and monitoring functions that contribute to increased productivity and machine availability.

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Coperion K-Tron Vibratory Feeder

K3 Vibratory Feeder

At K 2019 the redesigned K3 vibratory feeder line from Coperion K-Tron have been presented to the European market for the first time. The K3-ML-D5-V200 vibratory feeder has been displayed in action as part of a recirculating system – with automatic refill provided by a P-Series vacuum receiver and a compact vacuum pump. Vibratory feeders are ideal for feeding recycled material or flakes as well as for the addition of glass fiber in compounding processes. They are practically maintenance-free, since there is no wear on the mechanical parts.

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Coperion Multi-Ingredient Handling System ADD-A-LOT

Multi-Ingredient Handling System ADD-A-LOT for Automated Premix Production

Decreasing batch sizes and frequent product changes, as well as an increasing variety of recipes and recipe components, are leading to increased demands upon compounding systems’ flexibility. Together with higher demands for documentation and traceability of production, a markedly higher degree of automation in handling of raw materials is necessary. To meet this need, the ADD-A-LOT multi-ingredient handling system, developed by Coperion, can take over every task needed within a compounding system.

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Coperion Twin Screw Extruder ZSK45

Twin Screw Extruders ZSK 45 Mc¹⁸ & ZSK 70 Mc¹⁸

Coperion has presented two significantly re-designed ZSK Mc18 extruders with 45 and 70 mm screw diameter and a specific torque of 18 Nm/cm3. Optimized mechanical and electrical features provide better operating comfort and even greater efficiency. Instead of three-part covers, these extruders are now equipped with single-part heat insulation covers which are very easy to handle and can be detached without removing the cartridge heaters.  

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Coperion ZS-B and ZS-EG easy

ZS-EG / ZS-B easy

Both twin screw extruders have been equipped with ZS-B easy type side feeders as well as ZS-EG easy type side devolatilization. Both the ZS-B as well as the ZS-EG significantly reduce the time needed for maintenance tasks, thanks to the easy design that enables quick removal from and re-installation to the process section for cleaning or screw changes with just a few hand movements. For the easy design the ZSK connection barrel has been optimized for quick changing and allows all four mounting bolts to be simultaneously undone in a circular movement. What's more, the screw shafts can be completely loosened, cleaned, or changed in only a few moves. Cleaning and maintenance times are sharply reduced as a result.

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Coperion Pelletizer SP340

Strand Pelletizer SP 240

Coperion Pelletizing Technology has exhibited one model from its completely reworked SP series. The dual bearing strand pelletizers have been equipped with a variety of enhanced features for easy, rapid handling and optimized pellet quality. A new cutting gap adjustment technology makes fine adjustments simpler, faster and more precise; adjustments can be done by hand, with no tools. Furthermore, it markedly reduces maintenance downtimes. 

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Coperion Fluidlift ECOblue

FLUIDLIFT ecoblue®

Coperion has presented FLUIDLIFT ecoblue®, a pneumatic conveying process for plastic pellets that increases efficiency and minimizes degradation. In contrast to conventional designs, it reduces abrasion and thus avoids development of dust or strands to a considerable degree, maintaining product quality and reducing waste accumulation. Moreover, FLUIDLIFT ecoblue® enables plastics manufacturers to lower costs and increase throughputs, thanks to low energy consumption.

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Smart Weigh Belt Feeder SWB-300

Also on display has been Coperion K-Tron’s SWB-300 weigh belt feeder as a comparatively simply constructed, extremely reliable gravimetric feeder for high accuracy and efficient process control. Weigh belt feeders of this type can reliably feed large volumes of bulk materials with various flow properties and as such are well suited, among other things, for processing of recyclates. 

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