Coperion at K 2019

Whitepaper: Plastics Recycling

How can plastics processing operations increase the proportion of recycled material used in compounds while maximizing quality?

The plastics industry has recognized that it has to produce more sustainably if it is to meet the needs of end users’ changing consumption behavior and ever stricter environmental legislation worldwide. Recycling plays a key role in achieving this goal. Many plastics processingoperations are facing the question of how to implement recycling on an industrial scale at the highest quality.

This white paper looks at the current state of the technology involved, including technical challenges in production, and explains why better results can be achieved in many recycling applications by using twin screw extruders rather than the more commonly used single screw extruders. Moreover, specific solutions will be presented, showing how the plastics industry efficiently implements recycling – from pneumatically conveying the receipt of raw materials to feeding, compounding, pelletizing, and conveying end products – and can increase the quality of recyclate-based compounds across the entire manufacturing process.

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