Coperion at K 2022

Come and visit us at K 2022

At K 2022, we will be presenting a variety of new and ongoing developments of highly efficient technologies for plastics compounding and recycling processes. At our Booth B19 in Hall 14 and in our Pavilion CE09 on the open-air fairgrounds, we will provide insights into our extensive research work and show our latest developments – for more performance, more efficiency and more quality in compounding and recycling.

Booth B19 in Hall 14


At Booth B19 in Hall 14, we will be showing latest developments that will markedly increase the efficiency of plastics compounding processes, help boost conscientious resource handling while at the same time achieving very high product quality.

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Pavilion CE09, open-air fairgrounds


We are creating an own space dedicated to the forward-looking topic of “Plastics Recycling”: Within the VDMA’s Circular Economy Forum, we will be exhibiting an entire production line for recycling polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Exhibits in Pavilion CE09 will encompass bulk solids handling, feeding, extrusion, and pelletizing, all representing our advanced expertise in numerous plastics recycling processes such as chemical recycling, multilayer-film recycling, and upcycling.

Trailblazing new developments, such as the ZS-B MEGAfeed side feeder that enables plastic film and flake recycling in very high throughput dimensions, will be center stage at our Coperion Recycling Pavilion.

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The Value Chain of the Future is Circular

Ulrich Bartel, President Coperion

"We at Coperion believe that plastics will continue to be indispensable in reconciling economic prosperity with ecological responsibility. However, plastics will be used circular. With the goal that plastics recycling not remain the exception but instead become everyday practice, we consistently direct our entire range of products and services for the plastics industry toward the ability to use material not just linearly, but circularly as well."

Entire statement by Ulrich Bartel
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