Test Labs Around The World

Discover our test lab capabilities for advanced testing: helping you optimize your processes.


  • Test Labs for Feeding and Conveying

    Coperion K-Tron can conduct tests with your process materials to answer critical process questions and determine the best configuration of the feeding equipment or conveying system for a particular product or group of products.

    Key Benefits

    • All feeding equipment available, from volumetric feeders, loss-in-weight feeders and weigh belt feeders to low-rate micro-ingredient feeders
    • Feeder Selection: Test Lab Database for known bulk materials, experience-based selection for unknown bulk materials
    • Feeding Test: Accuracy measurements in the requested feedrange, optimization of the feeder configuration, evaluation of process safety, long term testing of feeding system
    • Several conveying systems for dilute phase and dense phase conveying
    • Bin design and selection of flow aid devices
    • Interfaces with upstream and downstream systems


    • Niederlenz, Switzerland
    • Sewell, New Jersey, USA
    • Salina, Kansas, USA
    • Shanghai, China