Extrusion of candy masses, chocolate masses and chewing gum

With the predecessor model, the Continua cooking extruder, and the ZSK MEGAvolume series, Coperion has developed numerous plants for the production of candy and chocolate masses or chewing gum. Examples are plants for thermal reaction processes for the production of crumb chocolate or caramel masses (Maillard reaction).

The plants achieve highest product quality thanks to the excellent mixing behavior of the ZSK MEGAvolume PLUS. For example, the good aroma dispersion in chewing gum achieves a more intensive and long lasting impression of flavor.

Extruded chocolate from Coperion

Food Test Lab

With our Food Test Lab at the Stuttgart site we have a test facility which is designed especially for the requirements in food technology.
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Extruded chocolate mass
Chewing gum, made on extruders from Coperion