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Further applications in the field of plastics composites

Production of nanocomposites by mixing layer silicates into PP or PA
Gentle mixing of micro hollow glass spheres into PP, PA etc.
Mixing of wood flour into thermosplastics
Dewatering of wet bulk materials with max. 40% moisture
Devolatilization of polymer solutions with a solvent content of up to 80%
Recycling of PET bottles or PA carpet fiber waste
Processing of high temperature polymers such as PEEK
Filtration of PC melt for optical applications

ZSK Mc18

ZSK Mc18 from Coperion

Extruder for products with high torque requirement such as engineering plastics and masterbatch
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ZSK MEGAvolume PLUS von Coperion

Extruders for processes with a high volume requirement such as products from the chemical and food branch
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