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Pelletizers from Coperion

Coperion has extensive know-how in the production of pelletizers. The pelletizer systems have been proven successfully in operation for many years. They are adapted exactly to our extrusion and compounding systems and ensure first-class product quality at maximum throughput rates.

Strand pelletizerPelletizer for the processing of the melted polymer to cylindrical, dry and easy to handle plastics pellets
EGR eccentric pelletizerPelletizer for the production of temperature and shear-sensitive plastics
UG underwater pelletizer Pelletizer for the production of almost all thermoplastics, especially for polyolefins in throughput ranges up to 100 t/h
WRG Waterring PelletizerPelletizer for the production of almost all thermoplastics up to throughput rates of approx. 15 t/h, including filled and reinforced products
ZGF centric pelletizerPelletizer for the production of direct expanded food such as cereals, aquatic feed or petfood as well as for extruded products in the chemical industry and for pharmaceutical applications
Strand Pelletizer SP 500 HD
EGR Eccentric Pelletizer from Coperion
EGR Eccentic Pelletizer
UG Underwater Pelletizer from Coperion
UG Underwater Pelletizer
WRG Waterring Pelletizer from Coperion
WRG Waterring Pelletizer
ZGF Centric Pelletizer from Coperion
ZGF Centric Pelletizer