>> Coperion offers user-friendly solutions for the controlling of twin screw extruders – from standard control systems in the compact version to tailor-made, open control systems for complete plants.

Control systems for twin screw extruders and turnkey plants

CS – standard control system with numerous predefined functions

The CS control system is based on B&R components. It stands out thanks to its comprehensive range of functions that can be individually adapted to the respective control task by means of software configuration. The advantages of this standard solution, which has long been proven in practice, are very short delivery times, fast commissioning and maximum availability of the extruder. The control system and control cabinet can be installed directly onto the twin screw extruder or set up separately.

CSpro – standard control system with various comprehensive function ranges

The CSpro control system is based on the latest Siemens control components and is available in two versions with individual scopes, in accordance with user requirements. The CSpro basic covers basic standard functions, such as for machines for the processing of powder coatings or masterbatch and for laboratory applications. It is displayed on a 15" touchscreen panel PC. The CSpro medium performs additional tasks such as the full intergration of dosing, the application management and comprehensive recipe management. The display is shown on a 21" touchscreen panel with a separate high performance industrial PC. Both the basic and the medium version of the CSpro can be adjusted to the respective control requirements by means of basic configuration of the software. Via web access, the display from either version of the CSpro can also be displayed on external devices such as tablet PCs, smartphones and office PCs. The control system and control cabinet of the CSpro can be installed directly on the twin screw extruder or set up separately.

EpcNT – control system with flexible deployment options for complex machines and plants

The EpcNT is particularly suitable for customer-specific machine and plant configurations and for controlling entire extrusion and compounding lines from raw material feeding through to finish product discharge. The EpcNT is based on Siemens control components. It makes an impression with its easy to read graphic visualization on a 19" touchscreen panel. Diverse software functions that optimize the production mode ensure that the plant is extremely user-friendly. These functions include recipe management, order management, along with trend display, reproducibility, and traceability of the production parameters.

EPCS7 – control system for high capacity machines

The EPCS7 is the optimum control system for all high capacity extruders. It can be individually geared to meet any requirement. It is based on the fully integrated PCS7 software system and on control components from Siemens. The PLC hardware S7-400HF ensures maximum performance and the control of safety functions. The easy to read graphic visualization of the EPCS7 on a 24" touchscreen panel simplifies operation, enables signal monitoring down to an individual sensor and enables problems to be localized quickly. Further advantages include the quick start-up and high level of availability of large extruders.

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CS control system for twin screw extruders of Coperion
CS control system
CSpro control system for twin screw extruders of Coperion
CSpro control system
EpcNT control system for twin screw extruders of Coperion
EpcNT control system