>> Heat Exchanger Bulk-X-Change for the cooling and heating of free flowing bulk solids.

The Coperion heat exchanger Bulk-X-Change is a proven technology since years

Depending on whether the product exists as granule or as fine powder, we distinguish between different application concepts:

BULK-X-CHANGE - Gravity, Inline Gravity or Inline.

The "Inline" technology, especially developed for powder application, offers the advantage of easy installation directly into a pneumatic conveying system in order to cool or heat fine powders simultaneously to the pneumatic conveying.

Until now we have numerous installations in different applications worldwide.
Here some examples:

- plastic industry (PET, PTA, PA 66, PC, HDPE, LLDPE+EVA, ...)
- chemical industry (Calcium Chloride, Insecticides, coating powder,
ammonium sulfate, NPK, CAN, ...)

Please find more detailed information to above mentioned technologies here.

pdf General information heat exchanger BULK-X-CHANGE
pdf Technical information BULK-X-CHANGE
pdf Technical information BULK-X-CHANGE for plastics
pdf Advantages of BULK-X-CHANGE
pdf OCI Reference
xls Datasheet BULK-X-CHANGE inquiry
Tube sheet Bulk-X-Change
Tube sheet Bulk-X-Change
Tube sheet Bulk-X-Change


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Coperion heat exchanger Bulk-X-Change