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The bulk materials heat exchanger Bulk-X-Change

In a lot of handling processes of bulk materials it is necessary to thermally treat powders or pellets, that means to cool or to heat them.

The Coperion bulk materials heat exchanger Bulk-X-Change is a high-efficient cost-saving apparatus, compact in design. For a lot of industries for example the plastics, food, fertilizer or chemical industry it offers an ideal solution for thermally treating the respective bulk materials.

Principles / concepts

Bulk-X-Change "Gravity"
The original design was developed for free-flowing coarse powders and pellets. The bulk material flows from top to bottom due to gravitational forces through the vertical tubes which are surrounded by a heating or cooling medium on the shell side. As a result the bulk material is either heated or cooled.

Bulk-X-Change "Inline Gravity"
If vertical installation in the process building is not possible due to lack of height, the "Inline Gravity" concepts can be used for free-flowing coarse powders and pellets.
The Bulk-X-Change heat exchanger is then integrated into a pneumatic dilute-phase conveying system and the heat exchanger can be positioned as required.

This concept is also attractive for retrofitted systems, as it can be installed during the ongoing production process at variable locations.

Bulk-X-Change "Inline"
This concept was developed especially for fine powders.
The principle of this product, for which a patent has now been applied, is the direct installation of the Bulk-X-Change in a vertical pneumatic conveying line. The pneumatically conveyed powder is fed into the vertically positioned heat exchanger from below with the conveying gas.

Example applications

Cooling after drying processes to make the products ready for storage, i.e. to prevent agglomerationCooling of products improves the product quality (e.g. cornflour, icing sugar), as the addition of ice is either no longer necessary or can be at least reduced during further processing
Cooling upstream from the pneumatic conveying system improves the product quality by minimizing attrition (e.g. plastics)Cooling of plastics with adhesive tendencies after the production process (e.g. TPU)
Cooling upstream from the pneumatic conveying system improves the product quality (prevents yellowing) and saves nitrogen as a conveying gas (e.g. PA)Cooling of plastics after pelletization with a short cooling section or process-related hot pelletizing water (e.g. fibre-glass reinforced products, high pelletization water temperature for vacuole-free pelletization)
Cooling upstream from packaging in sacks or big bags prevents damage to the packaging material (sacks or big bag liners) as well as accidents resulting from unstable bag stacks on pallets as well as filling problems occurring due to low bulk material densities at high temperaturesCooling of hot powders after production process (e.g. PTA powder and other plastic powders with the "inline concept")
Cooling after degassing processes (e.g. polyolefins)Pre-heating of plastics before degassing for acceleration of degassing processes
Cooling after grinding processes, for the discharge of excess grinding heat in powdered products with the "inline concept" (e.g. powdered coatings, cement, foods)Pre-heating of plastics before extrusion to save energy or increase the throughput of extruders with limited torque
Pre-heating of seeds to increase the yield during oil pressingThermal treatment of plastics before extrusion to improve and stabilize the extrusion conditions (e.g. fibre industry PET/PA)
Heating and therefore drying before further processing (e.g. chalk) to achieve defined temperatures and moisture levels

Further parts like for example Pipe-X-Change or Gas-X-Change complete our program of solutions for thermal processes.
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