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Laboratory extruder ZSK 26 Mc18 for Polyone

Coperion supplies comprehensively equipped system from start to finish

Laboratory extruder ZSK 26 Mc18 of Coperion

For their trials in the development of fibre reinforced and additive-enhanced polymers, the compounding experts at PolyOne Europe in Gaggenau/Germany, have ordered our new ZSK 26 Mc18 twin screw extruder. Coperion will be supplying the comprehensively equipped laboratory extruder from start to finish: from the material feeding system (Coperion K-Tron) to the compounding extruder to the pelletizing system (Coperion Pelletizing Technology), thus ensuring optimum compatibility at every stage in the compounding process.

What clinched the company’s decision in favour of Coperion was first the positive experience with Coperion technology. Twin screw extruders from Coperion are already in service at several PolyOne production sites. In addition the comprehensive processing know-how and support package offered by Coperion and the high reliability of Coperion's machines and equipment with the tried and tested wear-resisting solutions they feature, were benefits that could not be matched.

The ZSK 26 Mc18 for PolyOne is equipped with a ZS-B side feeder for the introduction of fillers and additives and a ZS-EG side devolatilization, both of which are mounted directly on the side of the machine with the aid of a specially developed swing arm. The laboratory extruder includes four Coperion K-Tron loss-in-weight feeders for solid materials and one liquid loss-in-weight feeder. The loss-in-weight feeders are equipped with patented SFT weighing technology and operate with absolute accuracy thanks to their high speed, high resolution performance (1:4,000,000) with vibration filtering technology. These advantages also benefit the production of relative small batches. Standard drive units provide for absolute reliability with performance ranges (up to 1:100) that are so important for laboratory applications.

The pelletizing system is likewise supplied by Coperion (Coperion Pelletizing Technology). It comprises a Type SC80-3.000 strand conveyor (stainless steel version), where the extruded strands can be both water and air cooled, with a Type SD 70 easy suction device and an SP 50 EN strand pelletizer.

The ZSK 26 Mc18, which features a 25 mm screw diameter, has been specially designed for the development of formulations and the production of samples. With output rates of up to 180 kg/hour the extruder is also suitable for the compounding of small batches.The new ZSK 26 Mc18 features a torque of 15 Nm/cm³. It is economically very efficient, as its specific energy input is extremely low.

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Matthias Link, Tel.: +49 (0)711 897 2617, e-Mail

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Eberhard Dieterich, Phone +1 201 825 6408, e-mail

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We create confidence through transparency

MyCoperion – the customer portal for service orders

MyCoperion - the Service Portal of Coperion

Do you know the problem? You want to order a certain spare part but do not know its name let alone its order number. With MyCoperion, our customer portal for all service orders, you can identify the spare parts you need easily in technical drawings and request a quote directly with an inquiry function. Because the MyCoperion spare parts catalog always shows you the spare parts that are suitable for your machine and plant. The current state of progress of your spare part inquiry can be called at any time in the quote tracking. After you have ordered, we offer you the possibility to find out quickly and conveniently about the current progress of your spare part delivery with the order tracking. You are planning to repair a machine next week for example. The machine therefore has to be shut down - but not all the spare parts have arrived yet! With just two clicks, the MyCoperion order tracking tells you which spare parts have already been delivered or are on their way to you. If the missing spare parts are still on the way by parcel service, you can find out where they are at the moment by using the tracking number. Last but not least, MyCoperion also provides you with the information from the operating manuals at all times all over the world – on any computer. Because the aim of our MyCoperion online platform is to bring more transparency to the entire spare parts procurement process to make handling of your plant as easy as possible.

Have we aroused your interest? Then just contact us or have a look at the training videos which explain the functions and advantages of MyCoperion in simple terms: > To the training videos.

Please note: Currently MyCoperion is only available to European and South American customers. In the next expansion stage it will be made accessible also to customers from NAFTA. Information will follow soon.

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Carsten Benz, Tel.: +49 (0)711 897 2580, e-Mail

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Coperion packaging systems

An eye for detail with the big picture in mind

Packaging system of Coperion

Coperion offers intelligent packaging machines with automated features that ensure crystalline, granular, beaded or flaked goods to be accurately weighed, ideally dosed and hygienically packaged. With self-cleaning functions and easy maintenance integrated into every solution, operators can rest assured that the processing lines will run smoothly.

Coperion's packaging solutions include several models of integrated bagging and palletizing machines, FFS machines and palletizers on motorized karts that can be easily adapted to existing plant layouts. These karts are able to move on rails or with independent wheel drive to allow X and Y movements without appreciable turn radius. All Coperion bagging and palletizing systems can be integrated into existing plant data acquisition systems for quality control and packaging efficiency control. The modular design allows an easy upgrade of machine performance to be made without the need to replace the complete system. A new cleaning system allows reliable cleaning to take place in less than a minute, without the need for operator attendance. This reduces the risk of product cross contaminations with a significant increase in the overall line efficiency. With the latest series of bagging and palletizing machines Coperion now offers plastics compounders reliable and innovative solutions to meet the challenging demands of automatic packaging systems, especially when frequent product changeovers are required.

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Manfred Wiedmann, Phone +49 751 408 674, e-mail

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Jai Patel, Phone +1 281 986 3653, e-mail

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Coming soon to Salina, Kansas, USA

Kansas State University Bulk Solids Innovation Center


Construction on the Kansas State University Bulk Solids Innovation Center (BSIC), which will be built adjacent to the Coperion K-Tron Salina office, is set to break ground very soon and is expected to be complete by Summer 2015. A partnership consisting of Kansas State University, several government agencies and private companies including Coperion K-Tron received approval this past September of Federal funding to help build a Bulk Solids Innovation Center in Salina, Kansas. Support for the project is in the form of funds for construction, land, donated equipment and operating expenses. The total project cost is approximately $3,500,000. The university will be the key tenant in the center, along with Coperion K-Tron as an anchor tenant.

The almost 13,000 ft²(1,208 m²) facility will be used to study and develop the understanding of bulk solids materials handling, in turn enhancing the businesses that use these materials or manufacture the systems that convey, store and dispense them. Research at the BSIC will mainly focus on the process industries of foods, chemicals and plastics. The BSIC will be the fourth such university-level research center in the world, and the only one in North America. It will include office space for researchers and five flexible bulk solids laboratories to allow for collaborative and proprietary research projects by the building's tenants and industry sponsors. The largest space is a 30 ft (9.14 m) tall open bay for full scale testing of bulk solids behavior and applied research conducted by university investigators, students and tenants. It is envisioned that this facility will also act as an innovation center where the university and industry can work together on new ventures, and a large classroom will allow continuing education and university level courses about bulk solids. The university has committed to providing researchers, students and tenants to work on their own projects as well as on projects funded by industry.

Kansas State University Bulk Solids Innovation Center at a glance:
Two-story 13,000 ft² (1,208 m²) building
Research areas - five laboratories for university and industry sponsored research
Training/education center conference and lecture rooms
Material properties test lab - Bulk solid and particle properties will be evaluated and modeled in a test bench environment
Full scale bulk solids test bay - full scale systems to include: vacuum and pressure dilute phase, vacuum sequencing, vacuum and pressure vessel dense phase, rotary valve dense phase, batch weighing, silo zone blender, gravity flow, air filtration, feeding, mixing and silo storage
Research fellows, doctoral candidates and students
Continuing education and university level courses about bulk solids
Adjacent to Coperion K-Tron Salina

Your contact:
Todd Smith, Tel.: 001 785 825 3868, e-Mail

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Coperion welcomes more than 130 guests to its site in Niel, Belgium

Technology Update on Compounding Plants 2014

On May 20 and 21, 2014 we invited customers and interested persons to a free seminar and information day to our site in Niel, Belgium. The event, entitled "Technology Update on Compounding Plants 2014" drew keen interest. More than 130 guests followed presentations all to do with "Compounding Technology". New products and developments along the entire process chain were presented - from bulk materials handling, through components, the twin screw extruders, feeding solutions from Coperion K-Tron to pelletizers from Coperion Pelletizing Technology. Francesco Bassi presented the new packing solutions from Coperion. As a highlight, an FFS packaging system could be viewed in operation. Other exhibits were the new laboratory extruder ZSK 26 Mc18 which Coperion presented for the first time at the K 2013 as well as the SP 50 pelletizer.

Technology Update at Coperion in Niel, Belgien
Technology Update at Coperion in Niel, Belgien
Technology Update at Coperion in Niel, Belgien
Technology Update at Coperion in Niel, Belgien

Your contact:
Materials Handling and Packaging Systems
Rudi Stoelen, Tel.: +32 477 65 00 33, e-Mail
Compounding and Coperion K-Tron Feeding Solution
Marc Leyers, Tel.: +32 477 74 07 53, e-Mail

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