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Coperion acquires majority holding in Weicom s.r.l.

Expansion of product portfolio to packaging and palletizing technology

Effective January 1, 2012, Coperion s.r.l., Italy, a subsidiary of Coperion GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany, has acquired the majority holding in Weicom s.r.l., Ferrara, Italy. The Weicom product portfolio completes the Coperion process and value chain for the plastics manufacturing and processing industries.

As a longstanding and well-established manufacturer in its market, Weicom specializes in weighing, packaging and palletizing technology. The portfolio comprises electronic weighers, FFS bagging machines, sack filling machines for open-mouth and valve sacks, filling systems for big bags, robot palletizers, pallet securing systems, conveying systems and all relevant after-sales services. The FFS bagging machines, for example, reach a capacity of up to 2,500 bags per hour.

The company serves well-known customers in the plastics industry, food and mineral processing industries. Coperion and Weicom already have been working together on numerous projects with successful results for a long time.

Francesco Bassi, representative of the Weicom shareholders: “For us at Weicom, joining forces with Coperion was the right decision. We see in Coperion a strong partner who not only supports us in our plans for future growth but also offers us plenty of potential in terms of expertise and experience. We shall now be in a position, for example, to develop such markets as the USA, Russia, South-East Asia and Brazil, as Coperion’s excellent network and worldwide presence provide the ideal prerequisites. We shall also be able to jointly expand after-sales support for our products.”

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Manfred Wiedmann, phone: +49 751 408 674, e-mail

Agreement signed and sealed. From left to right: Mr. Pierluigi Mondati, CEO of Coperion s.r.l., Mr. Guenter Bachmann, Chairman of the Executive Board of Coperion GmbH, Mr. Francesco Bassi, Representative of the shareholders of Weicom s.r.l., Mr. Axel Kiefer, Member of the Executive Board of Coperion GmbH
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ZSK Mc18 - Film extrusion of non-dried PET or PLA

Extended applications by increasing the torque

The ZSK Mc18 series with a specific torque of 18 Nm/cm3 features a 30% higher torque than that of its predecessor models ZSK Mc PLUS or ZSK Mc, and provides a wider operating window to its users. Consequently, this series of machines now represents the highest torque/volume solution currently attainable for the compounding of materials requiring high degrees of specific energy and torque.

Especially for processing PET, either for compounding or direct extrusion into fibres or sheets, the ZSK Mc18 can be used as it is a typical process where the throughput is preliminary limited by power density as PET requires very high torque levels at low speeds of 200 to 400 min-1. The key to the success of this technology is the increase in power (torque) transmission capacity. The possibility to achieve higher output rates at the same screw speed level leads to a higher degree of filling of the screw channels. Eventually this results in a drop of the average shear rate, low product temperatures and a low specific energy input.

Comparing the PET compounding process on three ZSK generations, the ZSK MEGAcompounder (Md/a3 = 11.3), the ZSK MEGAcompounder PLUS (Md/a3 = 13.6) and the ZSK Mc18 (Md/a3 = 18), on a ZSK 45 twin screw extruder, a significant increase in throughput rate and energy savings at any screw speed can be observed.

Consequently, the ZSK Mc18 can be used to improve the material quality by keeping the screw speed constant or even by increasing the screw speed and the throughput rate at the same time (up to 60%) while maintaining the same product quality, given by melt temperature and iV-drop. The same process can be transferred to non-dried PLA.

Your contact:
Sabine Schoenfeld, phone: +49 711 897 3175, e-mail
NAFTA contact:
Eberhard Dieterich, phone: + 1 201 825 6408, e-mail

Considerable throughput increase with ZSK Mc18
Considerably reduced energy input
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Coperion filters for complex chemical processes

Difficult operating conditions demand individual and reliable solutions

Individually designed filters from Coperion

Individually designed filters from Coperion are being used in a plant for the production of chemicals for fuels in South-East Asia. These filters are an ideal fit for operation under difficult physical and chemical conditions.

In a certain process step, the stirring vessel, containing maleic anhydride is pneumatically fed with a mineral powder. Within this process step, the conveying gas needs to be separated out of the vessel. The operating temperature of the system is at 230° C and the particular difficulty is that the fluid is volatile and burnable and condensation is to be expected at higher temperatures. Furthermore, prevention against gas-explosion is needed.

Coperion was able to offer a solution to the customer; comprised of individually designed filters that operate reliably under these challenging conditions. The filters, inter alia, are equipped with special filter elements and a uniquely developed control unit. The filter is operated under conditions, where steam tends to condensate. This is the reason why PTFE filter materials are always used in order to obtain good dedusting. Because of the danger coming out of the fluids used, the filter control unit has to be equipped with protection against gas explosion.

Your contact:
Christian Soretz, phone: +49 751 408 526, e-mail

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STS advanced series - Proven system with enhanced functionality

Improved extruder die head, wear resistance and service

The STS advanced compounders cover all standard applications in the compounding of plastics. The modular design of the screw barrels and elements permit process lengths of 24 to 68 D. Featuring five different machine sizes, the STS advanced series make production throughputs of up to 3,800 kg/hour possible, depending on the actual compounding application. At present, as many as 370 STS compounders are proving themselves in daily operations all over the world.

The new STS die head features an improved heating system and optimized flow geometry. Heater cartridges, running transversely through the die head, ensure a uniform temperature across its entire width. They are also distinguished by their long service life and extreme energy efficiency. The flow geometry has been improved in such a way that the rate of melt flow is uniform across the entire die head, thus ensuring that the individual strands discharge from the die head at the same rate – an important prerequisite for uniform strand pelletizing.

The process section of the STS advanced will in future offer a choice of materials featuring improved wear and corrosion resistance. A powder metal composite is available for the screw elements, while the screw barrel can be provided with oval liners in hard cast chromium steel. These materials have been thoroughly tested and are distinguished by their very long service life and high reliability in production.

In order to provide an even more comprehensive, application-oriented service – especially for potential customers from the Asian region - Coperion will equip its test lab in Nanjing/China, with a new STS 35 advanced within 2012. With this machine and the already installed STS 50, Coperion will then be able to offer its customers the ideal means of testing new formulations or screw configurations. The test results obtained can be reliably scaled up and applied to actual production requirements. So as to ensure an optimum service towards the compounding systems installed, last year Coperion increased its service team in Nanjing, China, to a total of 40 experienced service engineers.

Your contact:
Matthias Weinmann, phone: +49 711 897 2521, e-mail
NAFTA contact:
Eberhard Dieterich, phone: + 1 201 825 6408, e-mail

STS 96 advanced twin screw compounder
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Horizontal Fluidbed Separator HFS - Now on YouTube!

Experience Coperion's Horizontal Fluidbed Separator now in an impressive high-speed film version on YouTube.

>> Experience Coperion's HFS on YouTube

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Michael Kramer, phone: +49 751 408 736 e-mail
NAFTA contact:
Jai Patel, phone: +1 281 986 3653, e-mail

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