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An Eye on Every Detail: Service at Coperion

Turning old into new − modernization of a ZSK twin screw extruder.

We received an unusual request: A plastics processor who has been using single screw extruders for producing base products for many years wanted to expand his area of production and make his production more flexible by means of a twin screw extruder. He was looking for a fast, low-cost solution. We were able to provide this.

With the support of our process engineers, we first determined the exact customer requirements: We recommended a ZSK 43 MEGAvolume PLUS for the desired applications and the expected throughput. However, we did not offer him a new machine but a second-hand ZSK 40 which we had recently received from another customer in an exchange. This ZSK 40 had to be completely modernized and also enlarged to a screw diameter of 43 mm. The customer was thrilled with the suggestion and gave Coperion the direct go ahead. The project was started.

First our team of experts dismantled the compounder completely. We cleaned all parts intensively and repainted them. The motor was replaced and the gearbox overhauled. The processing section was also modernized: We enlarged the bores of the ZSK 40 barrel by 3 mm – to fit the new screw shafts and elements of the ZSK 43 MEGAvolume PLUS. Finally we installed a new control system.

After installation, testing and quality inspection we delivered an “as good as new“ twin screw extruder to the customer. Our technicians supported him with the commissioning. He was able to start production just 10 weeks after placing the order. He fully achieved his goals.

Your contact:
Jürgen Weikert, Tel.: +49 (0) 711 897-3464, email

Coperion modernization services
Quality improvement
Increased performance by improved throughput rates
Replacement of control systems to increase the production and operating reliability
Wear protection to increase the stability
Modernization of a ZSK

Service in Focus: Compounding & Extrusion

FET technology – for much improved feeding and throughput rates.

What innovative solution do these three letters conceal? FET stands for Feed Enhancement Technology. With this technology the feeding zone of an extruder is equipped with a porous, gas permeable wall to which a vacuum is applied externally. The resulting gas extraction increases the material accommodation capacity in the processing of limited feed products by up to three times.

The result of the FET technology are considerable increases in the throughput rate and greater cost effectiveness of the compounding plant. Both effects are further enhanced, depending on the product, by optimization of the screw geometry in the feeding section.

The FET equipment can not only be retrofitted to the twin screw extruder. It can be used with the same throughput increasing result in the ZS-B twin screw side feeder. This allows voluminous products to also be fed reliably in large quantities to the extruder.

Your contact:
Ulf Wittmann, Tel.: +49 (0) 711 897-2583, E-Mail

Areas of application of the FET technology are among others
Production of Highly Filled Compounds with Talcum or Chalk
Filling of Polypropylene with Micro-hollow Glass Balls
Processing of Wood Plastics Composites (WPC)
Production of Masterbatch
Feed Enhancement Technology FET of Coperion

Service in Focus: Materials Handling

Rotary valve for the minerals industry – advantages which you can expect.

Higher performance, less energy expenses and lower maintenance costs – those are the goals of the innovative conveying technology which Coperion GmbH has successfully installed at Holcim, the biggest building materials company worldwide.

Coperion replaced the screw pumps previously used in the cement conveying systems with the DuroProtect 5 rotary valve in the course of an extensive modernization package.

This highly wear-resistant rotary valve made of ceramic gives Holcim important advantages over the previous conveying technology: The energy requirements were reduced by 97 % . In addition the rotary valves from Coperion feature a high conveying performance with a low maintenance effort. The costs and the downtimes for maintenance work have also been reduced considerably.

With its wide experience in the fields of materials and process technology the Coperion Service Team was able to accompany the ambitious plant modification successfully. Holcim achieved the return on investment of the modernization measures after 9 months.

Your contact:
Thomas Freundlich, Tel.: +49 (0) 751 408-472, E-Mail

Rotary valve of Coperion
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