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An Eye on Every Detail: Service at Coperion

Time is money. Also when it comes to unloading alumina and petcoke.

For the manufacture of aluminum, large quantities of alumina and petcoke are required which are very often delivered by ship. Short ship docking times and maximum plant availability during unloading are essential cost advantages for the aluminium producers.

A benefit that is also very important to our Icelandic customer. He contracted us to conduct a detailed analysis of his ship unloader installed in Hafnarfjördur in 1964 – with the aim of optimizing the unloading process and extending the runtime of the plant by an additional 15 years.

The ship unloader had already been converted from the originally mechanical operating principle to pneumatic operation. However, due to its long service life, there was great potential for optimization. Coperion revealed this in the course of a detailed engineering study.

This was followed by the contract to exchange all the bogies of the ship unloader. The special challenge here was in handling the documents provided. The drawings and parts lists dated back to the year of installation but could quickly be made available thanks to Coperion’s professional archive structure.

With extensive know-how and long years of experience, our specialists brought the four bogies up to state of the art. Modernizations were made to all the units from the motor and gearbox to the wheels. Coperion supplied the bogies and our customer performed the assembly himself. He is very pleased with the increased reliability of his plant. Hopefully for the next 15 years.

Your contact:
Bertram Bartsch, Tel.: +49 (0) 751 408-485, email

Engineering study for a ship unloader to optimize the unloading process and to extend the runtime
Detailed listing of all necessary conversion measures for the extension of the runtime
Exploiting optimization potential of the conveyor line to increase the throughput
Recommendations for modernization measures on the filter system to further increase plant availability
Ship unloader for an Icelandic customer

Service in Focus: Compounding & Extrusion

Considerable increase in wear protection on the die plate.

The significant increase in performance of our new ZSK Mc18 series has been achieved by improvements in all functional areas of the twin screw extruder. This also applies to the latest Coperion die head generation. For the very high throughput ranges of the ZSK Mc18 as well as for heavily abrasive applications this die head with improved heating capacity and optimized flow behavior can be equipped with a special wear protected die plate.

This technology which was developed and proven in practice at LANXESS comes into action exactly where the shear stress in the compounding process is at its highest: at the narrowest point, namely the holes in the die plate. These are equipped with high wear resistant inserts so that the useful life of the die plate is extended considerably. For example, a high double-digit percentage increase in runtime is achieved in the processing of glass fiber-reinforced products with market typical percentages of 20-50 %.

If abrasion should occur in some places and the strand behavior is influenced, you benefit from the exchangeability of the hard metal sleeves. These can be changed individually if necessary, so that you do not have to replace the complete die plate. The bottom line is considerable cost reductions and assurance of a consistently high product quality.

Your contact:
Helmut Hiller, Tel.: +49 (0) 711 897-3239, E-Mail

Typical applications for the use of wear protected die plates
Processing of heavily abrasive products
Compounding of glass fiberreinforced products
Processing of products incorporating carbon fibers
Filling with titanium dioxide
Deutliche Erhöhung des Verschleißschutzes an der Lochleiste

Unusual solutions are our daily business

And that is the reason why a well-known European manufacturer of engineering polymers put their trust in us and contracted us to redesign their filter system to expand their production capacities for pre-product production.

The special challenge: The new filter system on the roofs of the product silos had to be more efficient and therefore actually bigger. However, the available installation space was very limited due to the low ceiling of the production building.

There were two possible solutions: The ceiling could be opened and the filters installed on the production building. But this would have involved extensive building modifications, expensive static tests and high costs. The second solution was therefore chosen. Coperion designed the highly efficient filters so flat and compact that they could be fit exactly between the silos and the ceiling. The filters were equipped with space-saving, much shorter filter elements which contain a much greater filter surface area due to their pleated structure and therefore achieve a much higher filtering performance.

Your contact:
Christian Soretz, Tel.: +49 (0) 751 408-526, E-Mail

Filters from Coperion with pleated compact elements:
Space and cost saving design in comparison with the use of smooth filter elements
Significant increase of the filter surface area
Increase of the filtering performance of 40 %
Filter of Coperion
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