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Overhaul of die plates and knife blades

Coperion recommends regular overhaul of the die plates and the knife rotors to ensure the exact pellet cutting of an underwater pelletizer and thus the high product quality. The Coperion team provides this service for you completely.

Overhaul of the die plate

Your advantages
Permanent assurance of the technical availability of the system and the high product quality
Scheduled repairs and thus cost saving by reduction in the maintenance capacity
Reduction of downtimes by prompt procurement of the necessary spare parts
Execution of work with manufacturer know-how
Optional services
Quality control and documentation of the repair; replacement of the knife rotor and the metal-elastic bushing (if available)
Operator training
Die plate of an underwater pelletizer

Overhaul of the knife rotor

Your advantages
Assurance of high product quality
Assurance of technical availability of the underwater pelletizer and thus a reduction in downtimes and loss of production costs
Execution of work with manufacturer know-how
12 months warranty from delivery on all overhauled parts
Optional services
Recommendations for spare parts stocking
Replacement and modification of the pelletizer knives
Regrinding of the die plate
Knife blade of an underwater pelletizer from Coperion

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