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Gearbox overhauls

The reliable operation of an extruder or compounder requires the regular inspection and maintenance of the gearbox. This may be due after 20,000 operating hours depending on the machine. Coperion takes care of the complete overhaul for you.

Your advantages
Assurance of the productivity of the whole system
Price advantage by standard overhaul packages; the costs are based on defined assembly times
Status report of the inspected gearbox parts
Old gearboxes can be replaced by new series to benefit from their advantages
Optional service
Repair or replacement of damaged gear parts
Replacement of the complete gearbox in an emergency
Increase in speed by replacement of gearbox parts
Gearbox monitoring systems for remote diagnosis
Gearbox overhaul in compounders and extruders

Gearbox monitoring

Coperion offers an online system for gearbox monitoring to secure the production with your compounders and extruders. The measured data are evaluated, recorded and monitored.

Your advantages
The recorded data are saved completely and serve for trend analysis
Developing damage such as pitting, broken teeth or bearing damage is detected early. Unscheduled, cost-intensive shutdowns can be avoided.
Optional service

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