Maintenance of strand pelletizers

Spare parts

We provide you high quality and affordable spare and wear parts, as:
- feed rollers
- cutting blades (bed knives)
- cutting rotors (rotating knives)
for your strand pelltizers.

All wear and spare parts specifically mentioned in our documentation will be stocked. These parts can be shipped to you within a short time after receipt of your order.

We cover not only our own scope of pelletizers, but also many customary competition products.

Repair service

We offer professional repair service for
- feed rollers (elastic cover replacement)
- cutting blades (resharpening)
- cutting rotors (cutting edges repair and/or resharpening)

Please ask for a quotation, we will be glad to be at your service.

Resharpening service

Your cutting tools will be accurately resharpened within the shortest time. A comprehensive quality control record can be submitted on demand.



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