>> Our service before the service: The reason we can design our services on such an extremely innovative and highly individual basis is that we demonstrate in our Coperion test labs process tasks which may come up in the future.

Test Lab for Compounding & Extrusion and Materials Handling

Coperion offers test labs for the compounding & extrusion market in Stuttgart (D), in Pitman (USA) and in Nanjing (CN). For the materials handling market, a comprehensive test lab is available in Weingarten (D) for testing bulk materials handling characteristics.

These four test labs are the platform for advanced testing of any challenges of a production plant - developing the optimized screw configuration for compounding a new product formulation or the ideal method for for conveying bulk materials.

A total of 30 compounding systems around the world, as well as 50 conveying and elutriating systems, enable us to simulate any conditions ranging from laboratory-scale experiments to medium-scale production. The experiments serve as a reliable means of confirming previously computed production conditions.

Affiliated to our test labs are laboratories where our scientists have access to extensive analytical facilities for evaluating the test results timely.

Compounding & Extrusion Test Lab

Coperion Compounding & Extrusion test lab
Test Labs in Stuttgart (D), Pitman (USA) and Nanjing (CN)
30 compounding systems worldwide permanently available for tests – from laboratory extruder ZSK 18 up to ZSK 92
Throughput rates from 1 kg/h to 2 t/h
Affiliated laboratories for immediate analysis of product quality
Simulation programs for calculating melt flow, optimize processes and design of individual components

Materials Handling Test Lab

Materials Handling test lab
Comprehensive test lab in Weingarten (D)
Over 50 conveying and elutriating systems for testing bulk materials handling characteristics
More than 800 m of conveying line for trials
Up to 200 t/h conveying capacity
Affiliated laboratories for immediate analysis of the trial results
Archive with over 10,000 bulk materials samples
Development of in-house test equipment and simulations

Service for Compounding & Extrusion

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Service for Materials Handling

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