>> Quality is our benchmark. It is the only way to give you exactly what you expect for the processing of PVC: a compounding system that achieves highest product quality and maximum operating efficiency.

Processing of PVC

With its Compounding & Extrusion and Materials Handling Competence Centers, Coperion is a specialist for the design and construction of complete plants for the processing of PVC – from the raw material feeding and dryblend production in the heat-cool mixer to the cooling of the pellets.

Our two-stage Kombiplast processing system consisting of a ZSK twin screw extruder and an ES-A single shaft discharge screw forms the heart of these PVC compounding plants. The Kombiplast system achieves highest product quality at maximum throughputs. This is due, among other things, to its excellent mixing properties, its high process flexibility and the optimal compression and venting properties.

Floor coverings, made on Coperion compounding plants
Floor coverings
Hoses, made on Coperion compounding plants
Cables, made on Coperion compounding plants
Pipe connections, made on Coperion compounding plants
Pipe connections

Typical PVC products which are made in Kombiplast plants

PVC cables: Wire mixing, sheath mixing, filling mixing
Shoe and shoe sole material (also PVC-P with propellant)
Extrusion material for profiles and hoses (also in the medical field)
Injection molding material
Floor coverings / sheet (calander feeding)
Extrusion material for profiles for use indoors and outdoors
Injection molding material for fittings, etc.
Blown material for hollow bodies such as bottles, containers, etc.
Films (calander feeding)

Typical set-up of a Kombiplast plant for the compounding of PVC

Set-up of a Kombiplast plant for the compounding of PVC

Kombiplast plant