>> Processing and forming in one work step.

Direct extrusion / inline compounding

Direct extrusion or in-line compounding enables the production of semi-finished products such as films, plates, tubes or profiles in one process step. The intermediate pelletizing typical for plastics and other products is omitted in inline compounding, the investment and operating costs and the energy requirements of the production process drop drastically as a result. Some products can only be manufactured at all today because of single-stage direct extrusion.

The inline compounding handles a very complex production process in which the quality of the end product is the all-decisive factor. With the long years of experience and extensive process and system competence of our specialists, our direct extrusion plants achieve first class results. Every one of Coperion’s inline compounding plants features smoothly interacting process steps, gentle product handling with maximum productivity and maximum efficiency.

Typical set-up of a system for direct extrusion or inline compounding

Typical set-up of a plant for direct extrusion or inline compounding

Extruders for bi-axial oriented film plants

Oriented films, made on a direct extrusion plant from Coperion

The product
Oriented films for the packing industry
Foils for the production of 35mm and X-ray film, audio, video and data tapes
Capacitor films
Battery separation films
Films for LCD screens

The raw materials
Base polymers PE, PP, PET, PEN, PA, PS, PLA
Additives and pigments

Processing PET pellets and recycled PET without pre-drying directly into thermoforming films

Directly extruded deep drawn foils from PET pellets and recyclate without pre-drying

The product
Direct processing of polyethylenterephthalate (PET) in foils or fibers

The raw materials
PET foils and punching waste
Ground and washed PET bottles
Additives and pigments

Direct extrusion for the production of Foamed and cross-linked films

Direct extrusion for the production of foamable and networkable foils

The product
Special foils of polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) for numerous applications in the automobile industry, in leisure and sport activities or in machine and equipment construction
Soft touch films for dashboard panels
Insulating mats
Noise-damping foam between steel sheets

The raw materials
Base polymers PE, PP, EPDM, EVA
Chemical propellants
Crosslinking agents
Foaming agents
Additives and pigments

Direct extrusion for the production of floor coverings

Production of floor coverings with direct extrusion

The product
Floor coverings with PVC
PVC-free floor coverings
Direct extrusion plants from Coperion can process both PVC and PVC-free floor coverings.

The raw materials
PP / EVA + 40-50% chalk or talcum
PVC + 20% softeners + 40-50% chalk or talcum

Other typical directly extruded products

Monoaxially stretched films
Adhesive films
Hot sealable films
Sandwich boards for facade building
Breathable films as diaper foils or for roof sealing
Roof sealing rolls
Sealing compounds and profiles
Battery separators
Separating films for Li-Ion batteries
Insulating films and noise insulating compounds
Sawdust and wood fiber-filled boards and profiles
Honeycombs for catalysts
Films for safety glass
Pipe insulations with micro hollow glass spheres