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Mobile Test Facility Measures Potential for Plastic Recyclate Deodorizing

Plastic Recyclate with No Offensive Odor

Plastic recyclate can contain a degree of volatile materials which may cause unpleasant odors. Mobile deodorizing systems from Coperion reliably remove such offensive odors, significantly expanding the potential applications for using recyclate in new products.

In order to optimize the specification of such a deodorizing system and to individually determine its operational parameters, Coperion now provides onsite tests using a mobile unit at customer production facilities for reducing plastic recyclate odor. Using this solution with freshly produced product and under actual production conditions, the potential for reducing recyclate odor can be thoroughly investigated, and system parameters to achieve desired optimal product quality can be defined on location.

Safe Solution for Maximum Product Quality

Demand for integrating plastic recyclate, especially from post-consumer waste, is growing. Unpleasant odors, however, often present a challenge for processing it. Offensive odors must be reliably eliminated if PCR (Post-Consumer Recycling) recyclate is to be used to manufacture new products.

Coperion makes various technological solutions available to efficiently remove unpleasant odors from recycled plastic. Deodorizing systems from Coperion play a key role in reliably removing odors from bulk materials directly following the extrusion process.

Coperion has now developed a mobile version of its deodorizing systems especially for carrying out deodorization tests at customer locations. This mobile unit can be integrated effortlessly into the existing production environment. Operators receive results in the fastest manner possible, allowing them to adjust instantly to achieve maximum product quality.

Using the mobile deodorizing unit, Coperion determines the optimal parameters for the targeted odor reduction, enabling variable selection of both the devolatilization medium (dry or humid air, pressure) and temperature. Such flexibility allows for intensive investigation into which conditions most effectively remove odors. Deodorization temperatures of up to 150°C are possible.  

Using mobile deodorization unit product samples can be taken during odor reduction which can then be analyzed on site in the operator’s lab – without losing time or sacrificing quality. Deodorization is already possible in very small product quantities (15 liters per test run).

Coperion’s mobile deodorization unit functions as a standalone solution, requiring just water, pressurized air, and power supply for operation. It provides operators the certainty prior to investment that the desired recyclate product quality will be achieved reliably. Moreover, the operator receives detailed information on the precise specification necessary for the operator’s deodorization equipment.

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  • Ralf Bösch

    Head of Research & Development, Material Handling, Coperion