Coperion at K 2022


New, Improved SP Strand Pelletizers

For Greater Efficiency and Easy Handling

Coperion has equipped its SP series of dual bearing strand pelletizers with new features to reduce downtimes for product changes. The new SP strand pelletizers’ handling has been simplified, and they reliably deliver even higher pellet quality.

Coperion’s SP series strand pelletizers are available in three sizes – SP140, SP 240 and SP 340 – covering throughputs from 100 to 3000 kg/h. At our Coperion booth B19 in Hall 14 at K 2022, we will be exhibiting an SP340 strand pelletizer as a representative of the entire line.

Handling, Cleanability and Cut Quality Improved

We enhanced our SP strand pelletizers specifically to reduce downtimes associated with frequent product changes and to further increase pellet quality.

The new SP strand pelletizer’s cutting chamber design is markedly more compact than its predecessor. The product strand intake area has been optimized so that strands are now continuously and directly guided into the cutting section. They enter the cutting area at an optimal angle. Flanges on the cutting rotor have been optimized to use the entire width of the rotor. Cut quality is constant and very high, even when pelletizing soft polymers.

Moreover, the cutting chamber has practically no dead space anywhere, thanks to its compact design. This significantly reduces the time needed for cleaning the system.

The cutting gap can now be adjusted very comfortably and quickly with no tools required. Setup times for pelletizing startup or for changing products drop significantly, making operation of the SP strand pelletizer very efficient.

The complete cutting area is accessible without tools and the cutting unit can be exchanged quickly and easily in one piece, which minimizes machine downtimesfor maintenance or other tasks even more.

These new, optimized SP strand pelletizers are available now, impressing manufacturers not only with these new features but with proven technology as well. Among these are a pellet outlet chute with soundproof cladding, a frequency-controlled rotor drive and upper feed roll, as well as pneumatic control of feed roll pressure which can be directed from the control panel using an air pressure display.

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