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Coperion and Muhr have entered into an exclusive cooperation

High rate and high filling efficiency railcar loading systems

Coperion has been awarded a contract for the supply of high rate and high filling efficiency railcar loading systems for polyethylene pellets. Four loading stations will load railcars with a loading capacity of up to 400 t/h in 20 minutes or less to a filling efficiency of ≥95%.

The loading efficiency and capacity will be achieved with proven product spreading technology developed and patented by Erhard Muhr mbH from Brannenburg, Germany. Coperion and Muhr have entered into an exclusive cooperation for the development, marketing and implementation of railcar loading technology for polymer pellets.

The Muhr technology utilizes a novel spreader blade form that uses recoil forces to gently accelerate the pellets propelling them into the far corners of the railcar compartments. Extensive railcar loading tests in Coperion’s technical center including the new blade form have proven the high rate and filling efficiency as well as the gentle handling of the product characterized by a comparatively low spreader rotation speed.

Railcar loading spreader unit

Each of the four loading stations will be equipped with four individual loader sets each comprising a horizontal positioner, telescopic loader and the spreader. All four loader sets will operate simultaneously filling all 4 railcar compartments together.

Each loading station is equipped with fit for trade railcar scales to monitor the filling process, record the actual net product weight and to prevent overloading the railcar when filling with heavier products.

The intelligent control system from Coperion featuring frequency regulated spreader motor drives and I/P regulated feeder slide valves is fully interfaced with the railcar scales and automatically adapts the filling process to the individual product characteristics. It also regulates the filling of the larger outer and smaller inner railcar compartments proportionately, ensuring that the outer compartment filling process is completed before that of the inner compartments, satisfying the railroad railcar balance requirements.

The spreader unit has been optimized, effectively minimizing the number of parts and consequently maximizing operational reliability. The horizontal positioner is pneumatically operated, further reducing maintenance and moving parts. The telescopic loader benefits from decades of Muhr development resulting in an operator friendly, reliable and safe design.

This railcar loading technology satisfies the highest demands of the polymer producing industry, once again confirming Coperion’s place as the most reliable partner for the whole polymer producing process chain. Coperion and Muhr have complimented their companies expertise and market presence and are now ideally prepared to serve the surge of shale gas development project requirements.