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Service Agreements: Minimize Risk and Maximize Plant Availability

With our power to innovate and our process expertise, we stand at your side, and not only during the machine purchase.

Our goal as a reliable partner is to accompany you afterward as well, supporting you with targeted measures to keep your machinery operating for many years to come with minimum risk, the highest availability possible, and maximum efficiency.

For that reason, we have crafted various maintenance service packages. With these Service Agreements, we provide regular maintenance for your machinery, keeping it in first-class condition for the long haul. Machine downtime for servicing is reduced to a minimum as a result of our pre-planned service schedule which reduces the risk of unexpected damage to an absolute minimum. Whenever needed, we are able to support you 24/7. We set the costs together with you at the outset for Service Agreements and all service measures related to your machine, making them transparent and flexible.

The Service Agreement packages cover the needs of every Coperion machine – from laboratory-scale extruders to compounders, all the way to large extruders for polyolefin manufacturing. First and foremost, Service Agreements encompass all service measures relating to Coperion twin screw extruders. However, they can also be modified individually according to your needs and cover additional Coperion equipment, such as feeders or components.

Our entry-level Service Agreement package covers inspection of your extruder. With onsite measures such as barrel bore measurement, for example, we conduct a functional test of your machine, ascertain its actual vs. target condition, and document the results in an inspection report. In the case of barrel bore measurement, for example, we inspect the barrel wear. Moreover, our experts can examine the condition of the screw elements and further assemblies. We provide you with recommendations as to whether components should be replaced before unexpected damage might occur.

We carry out all maintenance tasks for you within the scope of the Maintenance Service Agreement based upon the findings of the inspections, including small repairs as well.

With the Remote Support Service Agreement, we can provide high-level service at a moment's notice. Within the scope of this agreement, we are always at your side with a 24-hour hotline. Our Coperion ServiceBox allows us to access your machine remotely. If errors arise, we can alleviate disruptions as quickly as possible. We will happily check whether the ServiceBox installed in your extruder is the most recent model and will gladly swap it out for you as needed.

Remote Support is also available in combination with the C-Beyond 4.0 Service Agreement. With C-Beyond, you have access to a digital platform containing numerous smart products and service applications. Among these, for example, is the OEE Dashboard which can give you an overview of the running production performance of individual machines or entire plants at any time. Plant productivity can be evaluated quickly and precisely. Deviations in throughput or quality can be identified easily in the C-Beyond platform. It also accelerates the diagnosis of underlying causes without requiring complex laboratory tests.

May we make your machine’s service predictable for you? Then contact us! Together, we will tailor the ideal Service Agreement package for you.

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  • Daniele Petralito

    Key Account Manager, Global Service Compounding & Extrusion